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How to lose Belly fat?

how to lose belly fat:

Sometimes it is difficult to target and lose belly fat with diet as it is the dangerous layer of visceral fat accumulated in your abdominal cavity and may cause serious health risks and complications. 

It just does not make your clothes tight, it is also harmful for your health as well. The accumulation of visceral fat is a risk factor for many chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and cancers. But there are so many ways out there by which we people say that we can cut the belly fat. Choosing the right ones, thus, becomes a big problem. So medical experts at socialtomatoes.com did some research and found 10 best ways on how to reduce belly fat.

Firstly, you should know how much extra is around there. With the help of a measuring tape, the circumference around your abdomen can be determined which indicates belly fat. Abdominal obesity is identified as a waist measurement of more than 40 inches (102 cm) in men and 35 inches (88 cm) in women. So, Experts will let u know below the 10 secrets of how to lose belly fat, that too, naturally. But first, lets know about its basics.

how to lose belly fat

Why is it hard to lose Belly fat?

Many people have been trying to lose belly fat for months and years but did not experience any improvement. There are many reasons for not losing belly fat after doing so much effort. Lack of a proper combination of diet and exercise is a major reason for getting the required results.

Might be, people are doing heavy or strenuous exercises but having no control over their diet. Like eating fatty meals, starchy carbohydrates, etc. One more reason is lifestyle conditions or stress. 

The functions of the body get affected by the hormones secreted by visceral fat. These hormones and substances cause inflammation in the body and increase the chances of many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. 

how to lose belly fat

Approaches to lose Belly fat

When we think about losing body fat, exercise is the first idea that comes to our mind. Various exercises are involved in losing body fat and especially belly fat. Simply, moderate exercise of 30 minutes, 5 days a week is sufficient to stay healthy and fit. Walking, jogging, leg raises, burpees, cycling, pushups, all are different forms of exercise. But, exercise is not the only way to get to the how to lose belly fat road. You can also lose belly by not exercising at all. Experts at socialtomatoes.com will reveal the best combo of both worlds for fastest road getting you to your goal of losing belly fat.

The following are the best and effective exercises, if you want to lose your belly fat. 

5 ways to lose belly fat with Exercise


how to lose belly fat

Among exercises, Crunches are the most effective and successful exercise to target and burn belly fat. These are always included while discussing fat-burning exercises. It can be done by lying down flat by bending your knees and your feet on the ground. Raise your hands and put them behind your head. You may also cross your arms over your chest. Keep a close eye on the breathing. This workout would also assist in the growth of abs as well as the removal of belly fat.


how to lose belly fat

Walking is the best cardio exercise to stay fit and lose belly fat. If you want to shed extra weight, then the combination of a balanced diet and walking can do wonders for you. The fat around your belly can be reduced with brisk walking in the fresh air for thirty minutes. It is equally beneficial for heart rate and rate of metabolism. Walking is also effective to lose belly fat from other areas of the body. Moreover, no equipment is required for this fat-loss exercise. 

Vertical leg raises

how to lose belly fat

Leg raises are good for toning the abs and obliques. It assists in building tighter abs, improved flexibility and strength, the removal of belly fat, and body toning. Leg raises tend to tone the stomach by totally isolating the rectus abdominis muscle. Place your hands below your hips and lie flat on your back. Raise the legs slowly to a 90-degree angle. Have your legs upright with your feet pointed up at the ceiling. Exhale out as you pause for a second before lowering your legs back down. If you want to lose belly fat, then you must try this highly successful workout!


how to lose belly fat

Burpees are highly suitable for quads, lats, chest, triceps, and shoulders. They also pump your heart as they promote explosive plyometric movement. 


how to lose belly fat

The plank is a very useful back exercise that exerts pressure on your abdomen, allowing belly fat to melt. Lie flat on the floor with your chest towards the ground and prop yourself up on your hands and feet, helping to keep your whole body straight and erect. To get more accurate results, stay in this spot for at least two minutes. When the body becomes used to this workout, you may start doing different sets.

5 ways to lose belly fat without Exercise

Get Sufficient Sleep

how to lose belly fat

According to the researchers of the King’s College London, there is a relation between consuming extra calories and sleep deprivation. Consuming more than 385 kcal per day interferes with sleep and causes sleep deprivation as compared to people who eat fewer calories. 

The purpose of sleep is to produce energy, and if the body is sleep deprived then it can find other ways to obtain energy. According to experts, eight hours of sleep every night is sufficient to remain healthy and it will also help to lose belly fat. 

how to lose belly fat

Stay Hydrated

how to lose belly fat

If you want to prevent the consumption of extra calories, then you must increase your water intake. It keeps you full and prevents food cravings. Your body will work better when sufficiently hydrated. Furthermore, because the body is well hydrated, it can allow more productive and efficient use of the resources and nutrients you do have, requiring fewer from you.

Green tea

how to lose belly fat

Green tea has a direct relation with fat loss. The presence of catechins in green tea helps to increase the fat release from fat cells. It speeds up the fat burning by the liver and boosts energy expenditure. So, drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea per day along with proper exercise helps to lose belly fat. 

how to lose belly fat

Use of Lemon water

how to lose belly fat

Adding lemon in lukewarm water and drinking it sip by sip in the morning helps to lose belly fat, de-bloat your stomach, and reduce inflammation in the gut. 

Increase Vitamin C Intake

how to lose belly fat

Vitamin c helps to remove oxidative stress and keep you safe from many health problems. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C helps to reduce belly fat. Vitamin C-rich fruits include kiwi, grapefruit, lemon, orange, kale, broccoli, and bell pepper. Moreover, these fruits are also a rich source of zinc, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  


Losing belly fat is not an easy task. It requires motivation, courage and inspiration. Carrying extra weight of belly fat is dangerous for your health. Combination of good dietary habits, lifestyle modifications and fat loss exercises that especially target abdominal fat proves to be effective methods to lose belly fat. So, try out the 10 ways described above and let the Experts at Socialtomatoes.com know about the results in comments below.



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how to lose belly fat: Sometimes it is difficult to target and lose belly fat with diet as it is the dangerous layer of visceral fat accumulated in your abdominal cavity and may cause serious health risks and complications.  It just does not make your clothes...How to lose Belly fat?