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How to live a longer and healthier life

A longer healthier life, which we all desire. But it seems to be in God’s hand. Yeah, of course, that is the fact. But still, some regulations can amplify the quality of our lifestyle. Also, some behavior can hamper our well-being so much. And we can see that in our lifestyle now. The quality of our lifestyle is really low. We are so busy that we don’t have time for proper eating and sleeping.

 healthier life

All of us are running over instant gratification. And after sudden age, we can see that our health gave upon us. And before we know we are weak, pathetic with a bunch of health issues.

Longer and healthier life:     

The longer one is somehow in God’s choice but the healthier one we can create. To live a more distant life, we think we have to put in much effort. But the thing is it is really easy. There are small habits and small behavior change that goes a long way.

Again, it comes to habit formation. Suppose a person is so much busy that he has no time to cook. So, what can do to help to avoid eating junk food? He can meal prep the food or he can take the help of many meal prep services. This small change will take care of his diet and also his health.

Ways to live a longer:

We are going to talk about the strategies that will help us to live a healthier and distant life.

  • Eat less:

Eating is overrated. There was a diet that would suggest people eat every two hours. Well, that can work for some people. But for most that are unnecessary. When we eat too much, we cannot digest all of that. And the remaining food stay put in our system. And then continuously produces toxins. Also, overeating comes with a lot of health issues as well. That is why to live a longer life we have to be away from overeating.

  • Exercise more :

There are two simple solutions for living a longer healthier life. To eat less and exercise more is the ultimate way. More working out increases the autophagy that helps to renew our body. Also, exercising helps to increase our growth hormone level and that helps to rejuvenate our body as well.

  • Fasting:

Fasting is a tool for longevity. It helps to cure any health issue, promotes autophagy, and also helps to produce growth hormones. If we start to talk about the health benefit of fasting that will not be over today.

 healthier life

Fasting unlocks the ultimate healing benefit of our body and also the soul. Fasting makes us calm and relaxed. Fasting is done by all the religions and also so many people who want to create a better themselves. It is that magic pill that will help the most to live a more distant life.

  • Eat more antioxidants:

Antioxidants help to protect our body from the free radicals and also some environmental damage.  It helps to protect our bodies from external damage, which will hamper our longevity. That is why eating the accurate amount of antioxidants in our diet will help us sustain longer healthier life.

  • Relay on a plant-based diet:

Plants have that magic power that can heal our bodies from within. It has all the vital minerals that can help to retain a clean body. The more our body is clean, the more our minds will be clear. Also, we will have fewer and fewer diseases and that will help us to live a long healthy life.

  • Never smoke:

What hampers our longevity is the material that causes degradation in our health. Things that make us sick. Things make our organs go through difficulties. Smoking is a habit that supports all of these.

We know for a fact that smoking causes cancer. If not cancer, it damages our lungs. And in the long run, a smoker will face too many difficulties in health that he will give up on himself.

Also on an everyday basis, smoking kills our productivity and quality of well-being. That is for sure. So to live a long life we have to give up on smoking.

  • Limit your alcohol:

The main thing is that alcohol is not food. It is not going to react to our body as food. Intake of alcohol is a really big pressure on our organs. And over time it can cause so many problems in our health. Also, alcohol is a thing that will mess up your mind and will make you addicted as well. So limiting alcohol is and vital step toward a longer life.

  • Be happy:

Happiness is the main way to live longer. That is scientifically packed information. Being happy and stress-free will increase our longevity. Stress hormones create a lot of issues in our bodies.

Also weight gain plays a very big role. It may seem impossible but depression and anxiety can occur in life from too much stress. And living like that will lower the chances of living a longer life.

 healthier life
  • Meditate:

Meditation is self-help and self-therapy. It helps to heal yourself from the inside and rejuvenates your mind for more changes. It is like having new birth every day. Meditating will help to recreate and rewire our brains for more valuable information. So to live longer doing meditation is vital.


Living a longer life is very subjective and also about our fate. But there is a thin line. There are some practices and ideas that can improve our life for sure. Here is a lot of evidence that people have actively increased the days of their lives. But don’t have to be that much obsessed. It is a lot about our destiny and we should respect that, but what we can do is to change some habits and make our life better and create a well of distant life.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

What are the best things to do to live longer?

The best thing to do is to eat healthily, and live a balanced lifestyle. Also, exercise plays a vital role. Fasting is a great tool for that. Overall you have to be healthy happy and work to your limit.

What are the secrets to living longer?

The secret may be a lot of things. Some people live longer generally. But overall we can say that a life with our stress, toxins, and balanced, is the true ultimate way to live longer.

What is the secret to a long life?

The secrets are, eating healthy, and exercising. Doing fasting often and doing so much more that you can do to improve the quality of your well-being will help you to gain longevity.

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