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How to find our personal style: Tips for defining your style

Style is something that defines our personality. Particularly how you dress make a first impression of yourself. It may seem like a show-off or a not-so-important thing. But styling yourself of your aesthetic has a very strong impact on people. It is more than just dressing up. It shows your confidence, shows your taste, and to some extent your values. 


Fashion is something that a community follows for a specific time, but personal style is your aesthetics. It will stay with you for as long as you are alive. And that it is not just about the dresses you put in. It also defines how you behave, your ethics, and your attitude. It is a tool to dress your aesthetic and compel a strong vibe of your personality to the world.

Make your look, why is it so important:

Every single person in this world is unique. How they talk, how they behave, and how they dress is completely different. That is why making your look is so important. Because others’ wisdom will not work for you in the long run. Another hand, knowing you to the fullest will bring out the best aesthetics for yourself. Finding your desired looks is the process of finding yourself. This will give you an enormous amount of confidence and a sense of satisfaction as well.

Tips for defining your style:

It is not a rule-type thing, but still, you can follow some steps if you are feeling lost. There are 8 tips to find yours:

  • Know your body type:

Women’s body is the main pillar of their beauty because it is so different from each other. There are lots of types of body shapes. And no one thing will look good for different body shapes. That is why knowing your body type is so important. In that way, you will know what types of clothing suit you the best and you can look wonderful every time. 

  • know your skin tone:

It may seem unusual but our skin tone has a very big impact on our overall look. the skin has an undertone, the different seasons. So it is highly specific for an individual. Knowing your color palette will change your game. Start watching some YouTube videos and you will find your skin undertone and other factors also.

  • Research your wardrobe:

The next step is to research your Wardrobe. Your wardrobe will say what color you like to wear, it will also define what types of clothing you are comfortable in. Then you can make a list of pieces that you wear every time. It can be a dress, shoes, or pieces of jewelry also.

  • Take a personal style quiz:

It may seem like a funny thing to do, but trust me it helps a lot. When you know about your body type your skin type. Also, what do you prefer in dressing? Now through this information, you can figure out your type. It may be casual, elegant, or a mixture of two types. This personality test quiz will help you to know the perfect fit for your dress aesthetics.

  • Find similar inspiration:

Nowadays there are so many ways to find inspiration. You have a kind of style, you know. The challenge is how you can present it effectively. Finding inspiration can help you to mix and match different types and create some new looks as well. It will also keep you updated and motivated to dress better.

  • Create a mood board:

For this, you can use Pinterest and Canva. Pinterest has so many collections of these things. You can collect some pins that you like and make them up to a mood board. Then using Canva or any other tools you can make a board with the photos that represent you. That way you can always look up to it, whenever you are shopping.

  • Create a capsule wardrobe

It is a kind of wardrobe that contains some specific clothing and accessories that go with each other. This wardrobe will help you to create so many looks on a limited budget. This is an important step for creating your looks.

  • Experiment:

The final step is an experiment. This is the time, you expand your wardrobe and create some unique new looks. You can look up unique outfits and incorporate that into your look. That is how you will dress the aesthetic that you like.

How I created my personal style:

As a fashion enthusiast, I followed the steps I discussed. I researched my body type and skin type a lot. After a while, I figured out the things, I started to buy stuff. When I was up for shopping I look up inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Then I made a mood board. I was dedicated to the mood board. Then I bought some general things and created a capsule wardrobe. After a while, I started experimenting with things within my dress aesthetic. And this is the process I am still following if I want to add anything in my style.


Style statement is the ruling characterizing factor in humans. Having an organized wardrobe will increase your confidence to the next level. Making your look and wearing a unique outfit each time will offer us to be more creative in daily life. It not only makes you look better, dressing aesthetics is great for our mental health also.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What is one personal style?

It is the way of dressing that someone feels comfortable in and feels their best. Every person has different things that they are comfortable in. Researching those stuff and incorporating those things in daily life is what it is.

What are some examples of personal style?

The examples are chic, elegant, casual, romantic, cottagecore, vintage, minimalistic, boho, and so on. But not necessarily, anyone who is looking for these types will not fall into categories. Some can have a style that is a mixture of two or more of this

How can I improve my dressing?

There are some steps that you can follow to improve your dressing that we have discussed already. In short, getting inspired and experimenting will help you to create your dream wardrobe.

What should I say to my stylist?

Having a stylist is the ultimate way to value your style. If you have one they can take care of the thing for your liking. You just have to tell them what you like. What color do you want to wear, and what clothes make you feel good.

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