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How To Cut Your Cell Phone Bill By 80%?

For a single user in the United States, the average mobile phone cost is $70. It amounts to $840 every year, which is almost the same as purchasing a used automobile. However, by following a few easy measures, you may dramatically reduce your phone cost.

Cell phone plans are almost certainly a component of your monthly budget. The least you can do is try to make the price as cheap as possible for such an essential feature.

1. Moving To A Low-Cost Operator (MVNO):

You are not obligated to stick with famous brands. A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is sometimes a considerably less expensive choice than huge carriers such as Verizon or AT&T.

Unlike the main carriers, MVNOs such as Mint Mobile, Consumer Cellular, and Republic Wireless do not have their networks.

They effectively function as middlemen, buying data in bulk from huge carriers at wholesale prices and reselling it to customers. It implies you may obtain a huge network without paying a premium.

Depending on how much data you consume, each of these providers offers various plans. The monthly fees vary from $15 to $40. The average charge while using an MVNO is $77, which is almost half the price of the main carriers.

If you want to be truly thrifty, choose the lowest plan available and attempt to avoid using your phone data by utilizing Wifi networks.

2. Sign Up For Auto-pay:

Signing up for automatic payments is one of the simplest and least-effort methods to shave a few bucks off your monthly bill. If your monthly expenditures are consistent and already built into your budget, there’s no reason not to sign up for auto-pay.

Autopay is a simple method to guarantee that your mobile phone payment is paid on time every month, without you ever having to think about it. That, along with the autopay reductions, makes it an absolute no-brainer.

Like Verizon gives consumers who sign up for Auto Pay and paperless billing a $5 to $10 monthly savings. Other more carriers provide comparable offers. 

3. Quit Stockpiling:

Check out what’s included in your package and what services you could be paying for even if you’re not using them. The way we interact on mobile devices has undergone a sea shift. We used to solely make conventional voice calls back in the day.

However, the tendencies have shifted. With an always-on internet connection, your phone is a minicomputer. Voice and text messaging have fallen by the wayside in favor of more modern methods of communication.

This overall movement, along with specific particular choices, may result in you paying more for voice minutes than you utilize.

You should contact your network and request an examination of your calling history for the previous three months. Consider switching plans if you’re averaging considerably fewer minutes than are included in your bundle.

4. Time To Switch To Applications:

Most people nowadays pay for texting plans, but the issue is, do we need one? It is now possible to send free messages to other people thanks to services like WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, and GroupMe.

Some of these apps also enable you to make free phone calls, whether using WiFi or data. It may take some persuasion to persuade others you know to join you in your endeavor, but who can disagree when the financial rewards are as apparent as day?

5. Consider A Prepaid Plan:

If you want to stick with one of the big three carriers, going to a prepaid plan will save you a tonne of money. That’s correct, Verizon, and T-Mobile all offer prepaid plans at a fraction of the price of their standard plans.

AT&T’s prepaid plans start at $25 per month as of this writing, while Verizon and T-start Mobile’s at $40 per month for a single line.

What’s the flaw? You must “prepay” for up to a year to get the cheapest discounts. But the savings are so significant that it’s well worth it.

In addition, some of these plans do not allow international roaming, so if you are a regular traveler, a normal plan may be a better choice. Most consumers may save a lot of money by signing up for pre-paid plans!

6. Set A Reminder To Revisit Your Plan:

Set a three-month check-in reminder when you go to get a new mobile phone to go back and verify your use. If you sign up for an unlimited everything plan, you’ll be able to tell after three months if you truly need it based on your consumption.

You should also be aware that those who text message, e-mail, and download files on mobile phones spend $14 more each month than individuals who don’t.

It is worthwhile to examine your real consumption and move to a plan that better meets your requirements. If you only send and receive 150 text messages each month, you may reduce to the “200 text messages/month” plan.

Your plan may need to trim to save money if it turns out you don’t need all of the features you thought you did. In reality, this is possible with many usage-based services such as streaming services, subscriptions, and applications.

As you get adjusted to the new limit, set a calendar reminder for the 15th of each month to check in and ensure you’re not going well over during the first few months.

7. Buy No-Contract Phones:

It’s no secret that cell phone companies know how to make much money. One way they accomplish this is via contracts.

You’ll likely have to sign a two-year or even three-year contract to access their network if you purchase a phone from them. If you attempt to switch providers, they’ll slap you with a hefty cancellation fee.

Purchase phones with no commitment that have been gently used. These phones are “unlocked” (meaning they may use with any carrier) and can accept a SIM card. Ask around and seek online for older phone models that are available at a reduced price.

No, you won’t obtain the trendiest or newest smartphone this way, but you can acquire a genuinely nice smartphone without committing to a single pricey business for years.

8. Try Friends & Family Plans:

“Friends and family” might refer to anybody you know, such as a roommate, or even an upstairs neighbor. If you can pair up with someone that eligible for the friends and family discount, the savings might be worth it.

You must choose someone you can rely on since only one of you could afford the whole bill. (You may attempt to have the charge divided up, but carrier policies vary.)

What’s the catch? When you add another line to a $60-per-month personal plan at T-Mobile, the price reduces to $50, representing a $120 yearly discount.

Meanwhile, Verizon and T-Mobile offer options that allow you to add up to five phone lines that you may connect to for free – regardless of the other person’s carrier or whether it’s a landline.

9. Always Check For Discounts:

If you work for a large corporation, it may be worthwhile to look into employee discounts on phone contracts. There are a lot of large corporations that provide such discounts, which may result in huge savings.

T-Mobile, for example, offers discounts to first responders, veterans, active-duty military, and elderly people. You may always conduct some research or inquire about available discounts to determine if any possibilities apply to your situation.

To keep your discount current, you will also need to prove your status, either using a pay stub or an email address. You never know, you could wind up saving more money than you anticipated.

10. Change Or Remove Your Cell Phone Insurance:

Most mobile phone service providers provide many different security measures to choose from. Extending warranties, insurance, and full-fledged 24/7 tech assistance for every Bluetooth-enabled gadget in your house are all choices.

In most circumstances, conventional insurance offers more than enough protection. It protects you if your phone is damaged, stolen, or misplaced. It’s also the least priced choice offered by your cellphone provider.

Switching from a premium protection plan to basic insurance coverage can save you money every month. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll save $80 to $180 each year, depending on your carrier and existing protection package.

Dropping insurance may be dangerous if you have a brand-new phone, but it may give meaning if you have an older gadget. It is because major mobile phone carriers’ insurance providers often charge deductibles ranging from $100 to $300.

If not having insurance makes you feel exposed, look at alternatives like AppleCare+ or SquareTrade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Should I Switch Carriers To Reduce My Phone Bill?

You may do everything to make your mobile phone plan to operate, but nothing works all of the time. There’s just one solution: switch carriers. If you follow the negotiating scripts above, you should be able to secure a better bargain as a regular client.

If it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with switching to a different provider that has a cheaper phone cost.

2. How Can I Avoid My Phone Bill From Increasing?

So, to avoid a hefty fee, make sure you’re utilizing Wi-Fi rather than 3G or 4G. To deactivate Cellular Data on your iPhone, go to Settings and then Cellular Data.

3. Where Do British People Get Their Monthly Phone Bills?

United Kingdom’s telecoms regulatory office, the average monthly mobile phone cost in the United Kingdom is £46.50. The vast majority of people are forking out money for services they don’t use or require.

It costs them since around 70% of cell phone charges give more than 5GB of data every month. However, just 10% of consumers use more than 5GB of data every month. It is preferable to switch to a more appropriate plan that meets your demands and saves you a lot of money.


Cell phones, especially smartphones, have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, making them a complex item to eliminate from your budget. However, just like any other monthly cost, there are methods to reduce the financial strain on your wallet each month.

Before you pay your next mobile phone bill, take a close look at what you’re getting for your money. Whether you’re not sure if you’re receiving the best bargain, contact your mobile phone provider to check if you’re qualified for any discounts or promotions.

This simple phone call may easily make a difference in your monthly budget and get you closer to your financial objectives.

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