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How to Choose Hair Color – Part I

Hair Color Ideas

Nowadays, almost everyone is in quarantine. Due to enforced lock downs, grooming services like Salon’s and Spa’s are also closed. And for us, Girls, if not worse, then it is equally devastating to see our hairs either graying or changing color. Fortunately, thanks to human’s desire to live, stores are open mainly for groceries, and hair color, for people like us, who want to be recognizable once lock down is over. However, choosing the right hair color is a difficult task for most people. I, being a professional aesthetician and beautician, used to meet many people every day; students, clients, colleagues, family etc. and I also conducted a few consultations on Hair coloring almost every day. There, I noticed that many people do not have the necessary knowledge of hair colors, and surprisingly, some even cannot tell what their natural hair color is?  They mostly mix it-up with either fashion color or highlights. So I always tell them that they do not have to change their complete hair color often — rather, all they need to do is cover the new growth every three to five weeks. It is also essential to know that the average human hair grows half an inch in a month. Even for covering grays, we need half an inch of hair growth. Therefore, before buying a Hair Color for yourself, let’shave some idea of what you exactly need for your hair. Let’s learn a little about Color Wheel and Primary Colors. This quick summary will make it easier for you to know what level of natural hair color you have, and what type of covering shade is right for you!

color wheel hair chart 459928 Human Natural hair COLOR RING COLOR CHART COLOR WHEEL

Hair Dye Colors

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel consists of 12 shades:

1) Three Primary.

2) Three Secondary.

3) Six Tertiary (complementary) colors.

The Color Table

The Color Table consists of ten colors.

1) Black

2) Black/Darkest Brown

3) Dark Brown

4) Medium Brown

5) Light Brown

6) Dark Blonde

7) Medium Blonde

8) Light Blonde

9) Very Light Blonde

10) Lightest Blonde

Primary Colors

The three primary colors are;

Red, Yellow, Blue.

hair table

Which Hair Color is Best?

Color Levels:

Color Levels One to Seven can be used to cover Gray Hairs, depending on Natural Color levels. For Instance, if your natural Hair color is Light Brown, level 5 Natural (5.0/5-N) is ideal for you. But, if your hair-Texture is “fine”, Chose Six Natural (6.0/6-N). Why that? Because fine hair absorbs more color than coarse hair. Hair shaft/ pipe consist of three parts, the Cuticle (outer layer), cortex (middle layer), and medulla (innermost layer). The medulla is present only in thicker hair, so it is not present in fine hair. Cortex saturates color-cells in-depth when Mudulla is not there.

Primary colors:

  • Primary colors play an essential role when it comes to covering grays in neutral & natural tones. The primary color for level 1-to-3 is Blue, 4-to-7 is Red, and 8-to-10 is Yellow.
  • Yellow is the weakest, and it cannot give you any coverage, so it is only Highlights or frosting tone. It will not give you any coverage.
  • Blue (2 & 3) is ideal for darker hair coverage, e,g black/ brown.
  • Red (4-6) can be both dark or light. Level Seven is good for light coverage.

Points to remember:

  • Always check your hair color in daylight before buying a hair dye for you.
  • Compare your desired hair color to the color of your brows for best results.

I will discuss in detail about Secondary & Tertiary Colors as well as fashion hair dyes in my next post. Till then Stay at Home and be safe.




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