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How to Choose Fashion Hair Color – Part II

Hair Color Ideas

Due to the pandemic staying at home keeps us away from salons & stylists. Many of us need to cover grey, while a lot of people want to either refresh or change their fashion color. When it comes to changing or restoring the hair color, few questions pop-up in our minds. Firstly, how to refresh the hair color? How to select a fashion tone? What type of color would be perfect fit according to my hair texture? And, what should be the application method for salon-like coloring results?

Before going into that, let us cover some basics terms.

Fashion Colour

The fashion tones for hair color are based on Secondary and Tertiary Colors. These tones are often mentioned with a number that represents the strength of color level, e,g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. The levels  9, 10, and above are colors for lows & highlights. For a base + fashion, color/tone are usually from level 4 -to- 6. Fashion tones with levels 4, 5 & 6 gives some coverage as well as fashion tone.

Secondary Colour

Secondary colors can be achieved by mixing two primary colors (Blue, Red or Green). The secondary colors are any tone/shade of Green, Orange or violet. Orange is a balanced combination of Red & Yellow; Violet is an equal combination of Red and Blue, and Green is achieved by equally mixing of Blue & Yellow.

Tertiary Colour

These intermediate colors are made by mixing secondary and it’s neighboring primary color on the color wheel. Tertiary colors include Red-Violet (Ruby), Red-Orange (Chilly Red), Yellow-copper (Sun kissed, Caramel), Blue-Green (Matt, Ash), Blue Violet (deep Purple). There are several tertiary tones, depending upon the ratio of primary and secondary colors, and varies by the manufacturer’s formula.

Mix-Tones Complimentary Colour

On the color wheel, these Primary & Secondary tones positioned just opposite to each other. These tones are used to enhance the effect of any particular color, as well as to neutralize the impact of an unwanted tone. For instance, you dyed your hair about six weeks ago, and after multiple washes, the color fades into an unwanted brassy tone. You can simply add a dash of Blue Mix-tone (about 1 centimeter) in your hair dye, apply in your hair, and you will get rid of that brassy tone. There are also hair dyes available with pre-mixed neutralizing tones in the market. All you need to identify the tone you want to eliminate, e,g. red, yellow, brassy, etc.

Remember, Blue eliminates Orange, Green eliminates Red, and Violet eliminate Yellow and vice versa.

How to refresh your Hair Colour?

To refresh your hair color, you need to select any Secondary or Tertiary color, like Loreal Feria, Schwarzkopf Simply Color & Brilliance color, Clairol Natural Instinct, etc. There is a wide range of fashion colors that refresh your hair color from roots to ends. Another easy technique is to go a level darker than the required shade. Doing this will give a deeper tone to your hair and eliminate any previous frizz or dryness from your hair.

How to Change Your Fashion Colour?

Getting bored with your hair color? Select a beautiful Tertiary readily mixed color. These colors do not require developers and are ready-to-use. All you need to do is select a color that is NOT just opposite to your previous color. Because, if you choose the opposite color, it will be neutralized by your previous tone. Igora Colorworx Direct Dyes and L’oreal Colorful Hair may be the best choice for semi-permanent vibrant tones.

Hair Porosity

It is also very important to keep your hair porosity in mind. If your hair texture is fine/very fine, it is better not to choose colors from the cool family e,g. blue, violet or green. Fine & extra-fine hair has a higher porosity and takes color quickly, which results in a deeper/darker color. Use color with a base level like 5, 6, 7 or 8 to achieve better and lasting results. For those with dark coarse hair, have low or average porosity. They need a double process; better to dye their hair with level 9 or 10 natural color to get rid of the darker tone. It will allow you to achieve 2, 3 level lighter color (depending on how dark hair color you have). After that, apply the vibrant/fashion semi-permanent color from roots to end.

hair table

Key Points to Remember

  • Remember to wash your hair 2, 3 times a week with color-safe shampoo & conditioner.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner.
  • Redkin, BonaCure and Joico, Biolage are a good choices for it.


This was the 2nd session on my posts series of How to Choose hair color. In my next post, I will be covering other technical aspects of Hair Coloring as well as their application. Till then, see ya and stay safe.



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