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How to change your life in a year

Our life crisis is at pick now. Work, family, personal life all are getting into each other’s path. And within this mess, our personal development is getting nowhere. To overcome all of these we need total life-changing steps. Also, some of us are in a position where we don’t desire to be.

When they wake up in the morning they want to see a different person. But because of the mess, we are all in a situation that we don’t need to be in. And that’s the perfect moment to decide to change your life.

When it is time:

If you are a person organized in life you don’t need to make a difference at all. If you are someone who is feeling lost or feeling stacked. And you think you need to make a difference that it is the time. There is so much going on in social media in the name of productivity. People are being toxic in the name of changing their life. But not everyone needs a change. That is why to have a clear vision if you want to change your life.

Strategic ways to change life:

  • Make a strategic plan:

It is a self-development decision. It is not something that is a one-time thing. And turning yourself differently is not an easy thing to do. That is why you need a full-proof plan to sustain yourself through the journey. You can’t go for too drastic steps or you cannot be a sloth also.

  • Make a list of yearly achievements:

Make a list of goals you want to achieve at the end of the year. It is the things about that person you desired to be after that year. This can be financial independence, this can be being healthy, and that can be being active, and so on. But you should not go for unrealistic expectations. Think of actually achievable things.

  • Make monthly goals:

After you have the main goals you need to achieve, then you will divide the goals each for one month. Although different people take different times for forming habits, one month is a pretty generous time. Set the goals for one month and stick to them. And that is the ruling strategy to change your life.

  • Take it easy:

You need to be serious about this if you need to make changes. But that doesn’t mean that you have to get obsessed with it, take breaks if you need to. Make your own pace with these goals. Remember everyone has a different journey to follow. And never compare your speed with anyone.

  • Be consistent:

You fancy achieving anything, consistency is the key. It doesn’t have to be a significant thing every day. But you need to be consistent with any task. Ultimately this consistency will put you in a habit ad that habit will take you to success.

  • Change your mindset:

If you have a mindset that is based on some instant gratification that will not work if you have a plan for a year.

You should have a mindset that focuses on small satisfaction. You have to enjoy the process every day. These moments will take you to the ultimate goal.

  • Remember the advantages:

If you have a goal, you have it for a reason. Remind that reason in your head every time. So even if you have failed for several days there is still a slit interest left in your mind. Remind that person, that better version of yourself every day. That picture of yourself will give you the strength to go through any impossibility every time.

  • Manifest every day:

Manifestation has a very big impact on us when it comes to achieving goals. Manifestation is wishing the things that you want to happen. Sometimes manifesting also involves actively pretending that you have those things, which you take a fancy to. There are so many crazy things that have happened with manifesting. So manifesting the things every day will make you crave the things more and more and finally, you will achieve those things at your own pace.

Why New Year’s resolution always fails:

‘New Year new me’ has been a hot topic for the last several years. But all the decision is taken in this motto is taken out of impulsion. People don’t mean the stuff they say. And also, they don’t strategically put this in a plan. To make a difference in a year you need to plan to do everything accordingly and then stick to it to the very end. We take it as a fashion more than a decision-making thing. That is why most of the New Year’s resolutions don’t work. And that is why no one should go for a new year’s resolution out of impulse. If you mean it then go for it.


We are human, and we always tend to get better each time. Changing ourselves is one of those tendencies. If we have money then we wish to have more money. If we are already healthy then we feel we need to level up our fitness goals.

It is a healthy thing. We should not be rigid about stuff if they give you a better result in your future. But also there is so much toxicity on the internet right now. Influencers are making people think that their life is no good and they need to convert it according to theirs.

But the thing is it is only you who can decide if you have to make an effort or not. You have to set a boundary and put yourself up for things that you wish to achieve and those things are going to make you a better person in general.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What would you change in life?

Everyone has a picture in front of them of themselves. They see what they want to be. It can be about finance, it can be studied, it can be happiness, and it can be religion. There are so many aspects of life that one person would want to change. You ask yourself, what the best version of yourself is. If you have an answer then that is it. That is the thing you want to change.

How to drastically change your life?

Drastically the word is very negative here. You want to level up yourself which is a very big decision. And anything that happens drastically, will go away from you drastically. But if we want to change ourselves we would want it to sustain with us throughout our life. So make an approachable decision that you can achieve and sustain for the rest of your journey.

I need to change my life but I don’t know how?

There are some steps you can follow. Those are making a yearly plan than setting those goals in a monthly manner. Take everything at your pace, be consistent, and get motivated each time. These consistent steps will take you to your ultimate goal of yours; they will make you the best version of yourself.

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