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How to build new habits and keep them off

Being in a healthy and balanced lifestyle is now today’s motto. To maintain sanity and peace, we are using so many strategies. Building new habits is one of them. It is the most efficient way of creating a balanced lifestyle. Nowadays we can use so many technologies to make our life easy, but what we are losing in all of this is, our willpower and risk-taking ability. That is why; creating sustainable habits is the ultimate way of kick starts our body’s rhythm once again.

Why forming habits is so important:

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” ― John Dryden. It may be said by people that motivation is the key. But let me tell you one thing, motivation doesn’t always work. So what do we do when we need to do a lot of stuff and there is no motivation. Here comes the habit. A good habit will keep you at work throughout the time, so you don’t have to make an effort to finish the task. This is how developing a healthy one helps to build a sustainable work-life balance.

10 Ways to form a new habit:

  • Make small goals:

You cannot wake up a day and decided to be someone else. To change yourself. You need to go for gradual steps. You have to set goals for 7 days or 15 days. You should actively convince yourself to get strict with the goals. This way you will feel a sense of satisfaction for completing the task and that will keep you going.

  • Be consistent:

After completing the goals don’t stop there. Try to do this type of small goal to keep yourself updated.  Consistency is the key. The more the frequency the more the possibility that you will keep that in your lifestyle.

  • Motivate yourself:

We are going through a strategic way but that doesn’t mean that motivation is totally out of the equation. You can keep yourself motivated through books, YouTube, and so on. A boost of motivation will get you through this small goal, and ultimately these goals will be a final product of a balanced lifestyle.

  • Find someone similar:

Sometimes having a strategic partner helps a lot. If one of you fall other can keep them through the journey. Also, you can challenge each other for better performance.

  • Find a cue:

To do something that isn’t part of your daily activity, we need a really strong cue. You have to be clear about why you want to do this. If your answer is not strong enough, you will not sustain yourself through the journey. A strong cue will generate strong willpower. And that willpower will lead you through the journey.

  • Make it easy for yourself:

You have to have a strong work ethic but that doesn’t mean that you have to be hard on yourself. If you are too hard at the beginning you will not continue the process that is guaranteed. Make it so obvious that it seems like a thing that you can do every day. That sustainable approach is really important to this.

  • Create environment:

It is said that, if you are in the right environment, you’re most likely to do it. Creating an atmosphere that tells you what to go for is crucial.  Like if you want to work out every day, try to put your workout clothes on the go. So that in the morning you don’t even have to think about anything before going to work out. That is how you can make the thing happen

  • Remind the benefits to yourself:

You can fall here and there that is fine. If you want to boost the process you can always remind the benefits that it will come up with. This will keep you motivated.

  • Read about the winners:

This step helps you to go through with hope. The noble persons, the achiever has always depended on developing habits. When you read about that stuff, hope starts to rise in your head. That hope will keep you going and going for better.

  • Take it as a self-care:

If you think of something that is the punishment you will not have any love for the process. And if you don’t love the process you will not get the real benefits at all. That is why take building habits as your self-care. This way is more efficient than making it look like trouble.

Get rid of bad habits:

Now we know the benefits of developing a habit. But what about the bad one that keeps us away from success.

What about the ones that make us do inappropriate things every time? For that, we can do dopamine detox. We do the thing over and over again just because it makes us feel good.

A good 7-day dopamine detox can help us get rid of these bad ones.  In dopamine detox, you have to actively get rid of the habit for an amount of time then after a time, your mind will not crave that routine anymore. If you are too much in one specific behavior. Take it slow. Don’t force yourself too much you will eventually get there.


It is us that form our behavior. Our way of talking, doing things, reveals our personality. If we can shape this behavior accordingly we can be the best version of ourselves. But also you can’t be too much obsessed about it. Because at the end of the day we are all human and got to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Too much discipline is not the answer to a balanced life. You have to know the right boundary for doing each thing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What are the three R’s of habit formation?

The three are a reminder, routine, reward. Remind is something that will remind you of that task. Routine is doing the task accordingly and reward is the instant gratification of that task that will keep you on track.

How habits are formed?

Habit is formed by a cycle of cue, repetition, and reward. Cue is the reason you want to do something, and then with repetition and reward, a habit is formed successfully.

How long habits do takes to form?

It depends on individuals. But research says that it takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new one. And on average in 66 days anyone changes their behavior. It also depends on willpower to be sustainable in the journey.

What is the habit loop?

The habit loop is the steps to form a habit. We discussed it earlier. It is the cue, routine, and reward.

Is routine is good for anxiety?

Yes, of course. Knowing the stuff you are going to do in the day will take a lot of stress from a person. If someone has anxiety, he can get a lot of reliving from decision making. Also, we are human, we always want comfort. Knowing the things you want to do is the ultimate comfort. That is why maintaining a routine life is good for your mental health.

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