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How to break a weight loss plateau

Obesity and weight-related issues have become our day-to-day worries. Although it sounds completely normal to us now, excess fat and the complication that comes with that, are not normal at all. As our situation is very critical, specialists are suggesting we should lose fat as much as we can. But let’s face it, dropping pounds is not as easy as it sounds.

And a lot of things come in between the fat loss journey. One of the things is the weight loss plateau. It is the state where you are doing everything right but not seeing any result. We are going to talk about all the possible causes behind it and also the weight plateau breaker to help you out in the process.

What is a weight loss plateau?

Suppose you are on a fat loss journey, and for a longer period you are following some set of rules. At first, it worked wonderfully but after a sudden period, you are noticing your body is not changing at all. 

Although you are doing the same stuff, you were doing before. This is called a weight plateau. It means your body has made equilibrium with all the stuff you were doing to shed some extra pounds.

And it is also the signal that says if you want to shed some more pounds; you need to change something up to see results. This kind of thing happens when you have a bigger goal, but mostly for a smaller goal, these things will not occur.

What is the reason behind a weight plateau?

Our body is the most flexible thing in the world. It is so smart that it will always make peace with the situation. Like that when you are on a fat loss journey, you are doing all the things and lifestyle changes that you can. Your body will read these signals and adapt yourself to them. And after a decent period, you will notice all the things that you are doing seems to be normal to you.

That is because your body has set yourself according to the things you have been doing. Scientifically you can say that your metabolism has shifted to equilibrium. That is why you are not gaining or shedding anymore. This thing can happen because a lot of reasons. . Now we will try to understand the reason behind the weight plateau: 

  • Counting calories in a dangerous way.
  • Not eating enough protein.
  • Exercising too much.
  • Too much stress about the whole situation.
  • Lack of sleep.

At last, we are going to conclude the whole thing with a negative expression. That is weight plateau is not a positive thing for your body. And often it happens from an extra crash diet. So this is a thing, we always want to avoid. But, we are today focusing on how to get rid of this situation.

The weight loss plateau breaker:

Yeah, we want to lose fat and want to feel our best. But we have to do it healthy way otherwise life will hit us with a problem like weight plateau. But when we have done the damage how do we fix that. We are going to break down some ideas that you can use.

  • Reverse dieting:

You are probably facing the weight loss plateau because you have been on a strict diet for a long time. And that has damaged your metabolism. In this case, some will suggest you eat even less to start seeing the result. But let me tell you, there is no way out of this cycle. Instead, you can undo the damage.

It is called reverse dieting. Start incorporating a small number of calories in addition to the total calories that you are now consuming. And just like that after a while, your body will adapt to the new caloric expenditure and you can burn more calories than before. Yeah, at first you’ll gain some pounds but ultimately this is the most sustainable way to undo weight plateau.

  • Intermittent fasting:

This is the best tool to fix any metabolic shift. It can increase your metabolism and as well as fat-burning ability. It is a time-restricted way of eating. But start slow, because that is a drastic lifestyle change. If you cannot fast every day, try fasting the other day. And that way you can heal your body and start seeing the result once again.

  • Increasing protein intake:

Protein is the most important food group to meet your body composition goal. Protein ultimately makes your muscle. Muscle burns calories from food. So it is obvious that eating protein helps to build muscle and increase our metabolism. It should be a rule in your life to eat protein with each meal. That way you can meet the total caloric need for protein. This is the ultimate way to reverse a weight plateau.

  • Quit refine sugar:

Refined sugar is something that ruins your metabolism. Every sugar crashes come with a risk of diabetes. Also, excess sugar carried empty calories. That does nothing good to our bodies. Sugar and refined carbohydrate is the main culprit for storing fat in our body. If there is any metabolic damage, one should not think about anything and just quit sugar. It can be hard if someone is addicted to sugar badly. But try hard, because that can be a life-changing decision.

  • Start muscle building:

Muscle is the main driving force of our metabolism and the most potent way to break weight plateau. Muscle burns calories as we move. But when we work our muscles, it creates micro-tears in them. And after a sudden time, those damages heal and your muscle gets even stronger than before.

We are not telling you to go to the gym every day and work your ass off. But this is something that you can do. You can start lifting weight with your normal cardio routine. That way you can build muscle gradually but surely. And when you become an expert try incorporating even more into your routine.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

What are some ways to overcome a fat loss plateau?

The ways are:

  • Reverse dieting
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Eating more protein
  • Muscle building.
  • Quitting refined carbohydrates.

How to kick-start fat loss when you plateau?

When you are on a plateau, you can change the way you used to eat. Avoid reducing calories because that can even worsen your condition. You can try out reverse dieting or intuitive eating. And that can work wonders for you.

How much weight can you lose before you plateau?

A plateau can happen after 6 months. So you can guess, you can lose a lot of fat during this period. Overall you can shed a decent amount of fat before you reach the plateau.

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