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How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?

Termite prevention is critical for every household. The first step is a termite examination. On the other hand, the cost of a termite inspection might vary depending on the firm, location, purpose for the study, and other considerations. As a result, it recommends consulting a pest control specialist for termite inspection costs in your region.

Although some firms charge for termite inspections, Terminix always provides free first termite inspections. Schedule one for your house right now.

Continue reading to learn about termite inspection prices, why other firms may charge you for one, and how to prepare for a home termite inspection.

How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?

No homeowner likes to discover that their house is infested with termites. An inspection will tell you what to do and how to solve the issue. The cost of a termite examination ranges from $50 to $280, with the national average being $100.

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Termites may be disastrous, and their appearance might catch a homeowner off guard. However, many homeowners are unaware that they need have frequent termite inspections to maintain the safety of their houses.

In termite-heavy, high-risk locations (such as warm or humid climates), homeowners should schedule termite inspections every year and every other year in low-risk areas. Termite inspection charges may vary from $50 to $280, with the national average being $100.

Termite protection and prevention may save thousands of dollars in treatment charges. There are cost-effective, if not accessible. Preventative measures homes can take to avoid termite infestation and save money on termite treatment.

Termites are elusive, and a colony of termites may swiftly destroy a home’s structure before it is even seen. Untreated termite outbreaks may cost thousands of dollars in cosmetic and structural damage. This is why termite inspection fees are worthwhile to detect and eliminate these harmful bugs.

When selling a house, a termite examination will cost $75 to $125 more than a basic home inspection. If you additionally want an official letter or report from the review for insurance or a sale, expect to pay an extra $100 to $200. If a termite infestation is not addressed, the value of a house with termite damage might be reduced by 25% or up to $50,000.

In this section, we’ll look at how termite inspection costs are calculated, what elements to consider, why homeowners should obtain a termite inspection, and what questions to ask a termite inspector.

Factors In Calculating Termite Inspection Cost:

The kind of termite treatment required will not be the only factor considered when estimating overall expenses. Although the average cost of termite control is $558, your actual termite bill may be impacted by some different variables, including the following:

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Home Sale Vs. Preventive Measure:

Several home inspection companies usually provide annual termite examinations at a discount or even free. An examination as part of the selling process might be expensive. Home inspectors can easily detect termite holes in wood and sawdust piles. They are unlikely to get the same level of training as termite treatment professionals.

Home Inspection Bundle:

A house inspection may cost between $250 and $400, with no pest inspection generally included. It is feasible to save money by having pest inspections in a home inspection.

Home Loan Type:

When a house is placed on the market, the seller usually is responsible for paying for termite inspections. Several laws enable the borrower to pay, and the lender occasionally pays. In condos, pest inspections are only needed if a property assessor detects the existence of pests. The buyer is usually liable for the inspection cost when using an FHA loan to purchase a property.

Commercial or Business Inspections

Termite inspections on commercial buildings or enterprises may cost anywhere from $250 to $600. However, these fees are subject to alter depending on the company’s size and industry. In most circumstances, a pest control company will give a free consultation and an estimate for essential pest management services.


The cost of a termite inspection may vary dramatically depending on the property’s location. The cost of employees, taxes, and gasoline may all impact the number of checks written. Furthermore, each state has its testing criteria. For example, South Carolina residents must get a South Carolina Wood Infestation Report or a CL-100. This report, which is required for all real estate transactions, costs $150.

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Why Should You Get A Termite Inspection?

A pest inspection is high on the list of preventative steps you may take if you’re purchasing a property or reside in a high-risk location, particularly in warm, humid climates. A termite inspection gives you peace of mind by informing you of any possible issues before you move into a new house, or it may check that earlier termite treatment and prevention is still working.

Signs Of Termites:

Tiny piles of sawdust surrounding wood buildings, bubbling or cracked paint, fallen wings, mud tunnels, visible swarms of insects, small holes in wood or drywall, and hollowed-out wood are all clear symptoms of termites. Any of these are valid reasons to hire a professional for an examination. With yearly inspections and quick treatment, termite damage may be avoided.

Annual Inspection And Prevention:

Termite inspections are inexpensive (and, in some cases, free). This form of prevention may save thousands of dollars in treatment and eradication charges in the long run. Damage from a termite infestation may be expensive to repair.

If fumigation is necessary, you may need to find temporary housing somewhere for a few days. Warm, humid regions are more vulnerable to termites, and previously invested properties should undergo an annual examination.

Buying A House:

A pest inspection is necessary before selling a house since a termite infestation may dramatically reduce its value. Before approving a loan, lenders may need a termite inspection, and many states and municipalities have special regulations for these inspections.

It is vital to understand that termite inspections and eradication are not covered by homeowners insurance since this damage is generally avoidable. A termite inspection is well worth the investment to keep these insects from ruining a property from the inside out.

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Termite Inspection: DIY Vs. Hiring A Professional:

In terms of protecting your home against termites, DIY methods do not exist. When it comes to your house and termites, you will want a skilled expert to handle the situation so that you can have peace of mind that these pests will be eradicated forever.

Because only specialists have access to high-performing termiticides and termite baits, trying to execute the process on your own without employing commercial-grade supplies may not provide the desired results.

Termites pose a hazard to any wooden buildings you possess. If ignored or incorrectly handled, they may cause severe damage. A skilled specialist, not you, should perform termite colony elimination.


Like all living things, termites are present everywhere, but they do not have to be in your house. Except for a professional termite inspection, there is no way to determine whether they are present or where to start looking.

Getting an inspection and required treatment is the proper thing to do whether you’re purchasing a new house, selling an existing one, or concerned about a possible termite infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Does It Take To Get A Termite Inspection?

Termite inspections typically take 30 to 45 minutes to conduct, depending on the size and condition of the home and land. Larger houses or properties with a lot of clutter or storage goods will take around an hour to clean.

Is A Termite Inspection Necessary?

A yearly termite examination is worthwhile because unmanaged termites may cause costly structural damage. Termite damage may reduce the value of a property by up to 25%, or around $50,000. Contrast this to termite prevention and treatment, which starts at $300.

How Long Does A Termite Inspection Last?

Depending on the mortgage company, a termite examination is valid for 30–90 days. A termite inspection using a WIR or CL-100 is only suitable for 30 days. Before closing on your house, the mortgage lender or buyer will want a certified pest inspection.

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