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How Many People Visit Fast Food Restaurants In Finland

Hello there, are you interested in learning the truth about how often Finns visit fast-food restaurants? You’ve undoubtedly heard that Finns dislike fast food and prefer home-cooked meals. As it turns out, that perception may not be true. According to a new study, Finns support fast-food restaurants more often than expected.

According to a recent poll, the typical Finn eats fast food 2-3 times weekly. Who knew the region of saunas and summer cottages could be so fond of burgers and fries? Even the Nordic nations seem susceptible to the allure of fast and easy meals.

Don’t be shocked if you see people line up for a late-night snack at the nearby burger stand the next time you visit Helsinki. The truth has been revealed: Finns have a hidden fast food obsession.

Annual Fast Food Visits in Finland: The Surprising Statistics

Finns, believe it or not, adore fast food. According to recent polls, Finns eat at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Hesburger roughly ten times each year.

That may not sound like much, but when you consider Finland’s population of 5.5 million, it adds up to more than 55 million fast-food trips yearly. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and soft-serve ice cream are the most ordered items.

Why So Popular?

Fast food is popular in Finland for many reasons:

  1. Ease of use. Fast food is quick, simple, and handy for busy Finns on the move.
  2. Taste. Let’s face it: fast food tastes great. Those secret sauce recipes and thick, salty fries are impossible to pass up.
  3. Kids. Parents sometimes take their children to fast food restaurants as a reward or a break from cooking since the cuisine is so appealing to youngsters.
  4. Price. Fast food is very cheap, particularly when contrasted to the high prices of eating out at a typical Finnish restaurant. You can have a whole fast food dinner for a few euros.
  5. American influence. In Finland, there is a certain allure to American fast-food companies. They are a symbol of American pop culture, film, and lifestyle.

While fast food restaurants continue to be popular, there is a growing interest in healthy, organic, and sustainable food alternatives in Finland. If fast food companies want to preserve their position in Finnish hearts—and stomachs—they will have to work hard to stay up with changing customer preferences. However, fast food remains an important element of the culture for now.

Which Fast Food Restaurants Do Finns Frequently the Most?

Finns have their preferences when it comes to fast food. According to recent polls, McDonald’s, Hesburger, and Kotipizza are the top three chains.

With almost 70 restaurants nationwide, McDonald’s is by far the most widespread. This is no surprise, given how long the golden arches have been a fixture. McDonald’s will satisfy your need for a Big Mac or McNuggets.

How Many People Visit Fast Food Restaurants In Finland
How Many People Visit Fast Food Restaurants In Finland

Hesburger is a native burger restaurant that prides itself on using high-quality, fresh ingredients. With roughly 200 outlets, mainly in southern and central Finland, Hesburger competes with McDonald’s. Must-order items include their trademark beef burger and crispy french fries.

Kotipizza is the king of pizza. They began in 1987 and operate over 240 pizzerias around Finland, serving delicious pizzas, kebabs, and salads. Their tagline is “better pizza, better people, better world,” and they strive to utilize ethically and sustainably obtained ingredients. It’s no surprise they’re so popular.

However fast food may not be the healthiest option, these three restaurants are available when you need something quick, affordable, and filling. So the next time you want a burger, pizza, or nuggets, you’ll know you’re in good company with your fellow Finns. You’ve worked hard, so reward yourself.

Fast Food
How Many People Visit Fast Food Restaurants

Why Is Fast Food Popular In Finland?

For many reasons, fast food is popular in Finland. Many Finns value simplicity and effectiveness; therefore, fast food’s quickness and cost appeal to them.

Busy Lifestyles

Finns maintain hectic lives and have little time to prepare meals at home throughout the week. When you’re on the run, grabbing a quick burger, kebab, or other fast food alternative is a simple answer. According to surveys, over 60% of Finns eat at fast food restaurants since they don’t have time to prepare.

American Influence

Fast food companies from the United States, such as McDonald’s and Burger King, were among the first to enter the Finnish market. They contributed to the popularity of fast food and influenced Finnish preferences.

Today, McDonald’s is the most popular fast food business in Finland. These franchises are popular with Finnish youngsters and families searching for a cheap dinner.

Changing Eating Habits

Finnish food habits are changing, particularly among the younger generations. Some consider fast food hip, and more Finns are becoming exposed to diverse tastes and cuisine. While traditional Finnish cuisine remains popular, fast food offers diversity and new flavors that many Finns love.


The inexpensive cost of fast food appeals to many Finns. Fast food dinners are often less expensive than preparing at home. This makes them an excellent choice for low-cost meals, particularly for students or families. In a nation as pricey as Finland, inexpensive, fast food is appreciated.

While fast food is widespread, Finns still highly emphasize home cooking and eating. Most people still make most of their meals at home and save fast food for special occasions or convenience.

Moderation is essential since fast food should not be substituted for home cooking and a well-balanced diet. Fast food has a place in the contemporary Finnish lifestyle in the correct proportions. 

How Fast Food Habits Vary by Age Group in Finland?

In Finland, fast food preferences vary quite a little depending on age. Fast food chains are more famous among the younger generations, particularly teens and young adults. If you’re between 15 and 24, you probably eat fast food at least once a week.

Teenagers and Young Adults

In Finland, teenagers and young people aged 15 to 24 are the most likely to frequent fast-food restaurants. Fast food is an easy option for their busy social lives, low finances, and convenience-focused lifestyles. Teens often frequent fast food restaurants, grabbing a quick snack after school or work or ordering a takeaway to fuel an evening of gaming or partying.

Middle-Aged Adults

Fast food adventures tend to decrease when Finns reach their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Career and family commitments imply less free time and less money. When middle-aged folks choose fast food, it is typically because they are in a rush or want a quick lunch on the move. Some may attend on occasion for a fast, nostalgic taste of their childhood or as a quick choice for feeding their children.

Their generation is likelier to cook at home and like more conventional, home-cooked meals.

In conclusion, although fast food is popular among people of all ages in Finland, younger generations are currently the most frequent clients. However, fast food tastes change due to lifestyle and generational preferences. Observing how patterns alter over the next several decades will be fascinating.

Future of Fast Food
How Many People Visit Fast Food Restaurants In Finland

The Future of Fast Food in Finland: Trends to Watch

In recent years, the fast food business in Finland has seen significant changes. Some of the trends impacting the future of fast food in Finland are as follows:

• Healthier Menu Options:

Salads, wraps, and smoothies are among the healthier alternatives to typical burgers and fries many fast food restaurants offer. This appeals to customers who demand convenience but are concerned about nutrition and well-being.

• Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Practices:

Some restaurants abandon plastic packaging and silverware in favor of locally sourced or organic food. This “greening” of fast food attracts ecologically conscious consumers.

• Premiumization:

High-quality, gourmet ingredients produce a nice dining experience in a casual environment, and upscale fast food choices are increasing. Lobster rolls, gourmet burgers, and craft brews attract customers searching for inexpensive pleasure.

• Food Innovation:

Chains are continuously producing new menu items to pique the curiosity of social media friends and followers. Unique or quirky cuisine, particularly those that are extremely “Instagrammable,” contributes to creating buzz and boosting restaurant customers. In Finland, contemporary examples include beetroot burgers and blueberry smoothies.

• Delivery And Takeout:

Through meal delivery apps and services, many fast food businesses now provide delivery and takeout alternatives. Because of this, people may eat their favorite fast food right in their own homes. It contributes to the growing trend of eating meals on the fly or “on demand.”

Finland’s fast food industry is responding to customer demand for fresh, high-quality, and convenient choices. Fast food businesses may attract more consumers in a competitive food sector by adopting premiumization, sustainability, and healthy eating trends. Fast food has a bright future in Finland as long as businesses adapt to shifting preferences and beliefs. 


Now you know the whole story behind Finnish people and their love of fast food. While healthy eating and home cooking are prevalent, facts reveal that fast food is highly popular. In Finland, about half of all people regularly visit fast-food restaurants.

Over 10% are repeat clients, coming in at least once a week. While the numbers are fewer than in some other nations, fast food is an important element of Finnish culture. So the next time you’re there, don’t be afraid to order a burger and fries. There will be plenty of locals to keep you company. You could even run into your Finnish gym buddy in line at the cashier.

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