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How does gut health affect our body?

Our body is smarter than we think. It has its mechanism to balance out a healthy life for us. But often using external factors we mess up the balancing process of the body. That is when we face several health issues. To balance our health we have so many amazing mechanisms in our bodies. Gut health is one of the important mechanisms. It may seem funny but micro biomes have a very big impact on our overall well-being.. It has an impact on our main organs as well as our brain.

Gut health

What is the gut micro biome?:

We have bacteria all over our bodies and there are trillions of them. Like that our digestive track has also many bacteria to support its function. This is called the microbiome.

Their job is to break down the foods that we eat and make them into products that our bodies can use as nutrients. There are different types of the microbiome to metabolize different sorts of foods. The number of bacteria relies on our food habits.

Healthy gut:

There are different types of bacteria in our intestines and the nature of them depends on the nature of the food. If we follow a healthy diet, eat proper vegetables and all. There will be more germs that can support the metabolism of healthy foods. Those are called the healthy ones. Another hand if we eat crappy things all the time, there will be more germs that support that kind of food. And they will be more in number. When the healthy microbes are more in number we can call that a healthy digestive system, otherwise we can’t. There is another perk. A stomach can have both healthy and unhealthy germs. Which germs are more in number, can kill the rest of them. So the healthy gut is which has more number of healthy microbiomes.

Gut health and heart:

The flora has a very strong impact on cholesterol formation. If someone eats more foods like red meat, raw eggs that can cause the formation of cholesterol in the blood vessel. And we know the excessive formation of cholesterol can lead to heart problems.

Gut health and kidney:

People who eat more red meat and eggs can develop some serious kidney diseases. Too much of that type of flora can cause TMAO and that can lead to chronic kidney diseases.

Gut health and skin:

Gut health

The health of our digestive system is crucial for healthy-looking skin. So many skin issues are related to excess yeast formation. Like pimples, rashes and so many others. Then there is too much growth of yeast in the digestive tract, the germs break down the cell wall of the intestine. Then they get released into the bloodstream. Then release toxins in the blood and we get so many skin problems.

Gut health and hair:

It may seem funny, but a healthy intestine is a very important culprit of healthy hair. We need biotin to grow healthy hair. And biotin is found on red meat and protein sources. Also, biotin is available in a lot of food groups. Despite that, our intestine can have a limitation on the bacteria that produce biotin. People who eat raw eggs, excess sugar can develop this condition. As a result, our hair starts to fall out and there is no life in our hair. Because of this condition, our nails also get brittle.

Gut health and weight gain:

Our intestine is related to our mind. Imbalance in flora can send a mixed signal to the brain. Due to that, we can feel hungry although we are full. That can lead to excess eating and ultimately weight gain. It is no wonder, that people eat unhealthy food everyday basis they crave more of them. Which in return give them some extra pounds.

Gut health and brain:

It is the most shocking part.  Our stomach can control our thoughts. An unhealthy balance of microbiomes has the power to send a signal in our minds that are not right. Researchers believe that it has control over our emotions and behavior as well.

That is why a generous imbalance can cause mental disorders like autism, depression, anxiety, etc.

Gut health

How to maintain a healthy intestine:

From the discussion, we can surely say that our gut leads us all alone. That makes, taking care of the intestines is so much more important. There are so many ways to keep your digestive system healthy, like,

  • Stay away from sugar or any sort of unhealthy food. foods that has a heavy artificial thing in it should be avoided.
  • Stay away from the fried food.
  • Eat foods that have good bacteria in them. Like yogurt, kimchi or any fermented food will do the job.
  • Eat digestive fiber to promote good bowel movement.
  • Eat a lot of greens to support the proper digestive system.
  • Avoid taking too many medicines.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Stay active.
  • Limits the food that promotes the growth of unwanted micro biomes.
  • Cover your stress. Because stress will cause you to eat more unhealthy and ultimately hinder your digestive tract.
  • Finally, you can take a probiotic and prebiotic supplement to support your ultimate health goal.


We don’t even realize how amazing our body is. It has a natural process of healing itself. But we tend to forget that as we have so much supply of health care now. When it comes to health I always want to look back on the simpler days.

People use their bodies to heal themselves. But what we are doing is the total opposite of that. We are causing damage to ourselves and healing it with external help which is not natural. But the good news is people are not getting very choosy about their health. And taking measures that will amplify the natural mechanism of our body.

Frequently asked questions:

What foods help gut health?

Foods that restore balance in the digestive tract can be called gut health foods. food those are fermented like yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, etc helps our intestine actively. Also maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy food helps in healthy digestive function.

How to test for gut health?

Viome’s gut intelligent test is the best-est to know the situation inside our belly. The test is like a DNA test. It tells us about the balance of microorganisms in our belly.

What is a gut health supplement?

For a healthy system, medicine is not the answer. And about healthy system around belly highly depends on our lifestyle. But still, if there is someone who is affected very badly and he has to take a supplement then the prebiotic and probiotic supplement is the best for that. There are so many brands that are making them right now.

What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut happens when food or any other factor breaks down the cell wall of the intestine, and the toxins can flow in your bloodstream openly .but as soon as they reach to blood stem your body naturally can fight them easily.

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