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Hair Loss Prevention – Causes


Phases and Foods for Hair Loss Prevention:


“The crowning glory,” this term describes the importance of hair. We indeed feel good when our hair looks great, while a “bad hair day” is very distressing for most of us. Hair has a limitless effect on our psychology.

We all lose some hair every day. As long as you are losing 40 to 100 strands of hair in a day, it is normal. Although excessive & constant hair-fall may lead to “hair loss” and “baldness.” To understand the reasons for this, you must know some basic things about the hair’s composition and growth cycle.

Hair Loss Prevention
hair loss prevention

Composition of Hair

Hair is a highly flammable substance, consisting of Carbon (51%), Oxygen (21%), Hydrogen (6%), Nitrogen (17%), and Sulfur (5%). Hair is 90% protein, which is made up of long chains of Amino Acids. There are 20 different types of Amino Acids found in hair, 11 of them are made in our body, while the other nine we get by the food we eat. At the end of this article, I will provide you a list of recommended foods. For now, let’s talk about the phases of hair growth.

Phases of hair growth
hair loss prevention

Phases of Hair Growth

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases, called; Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. The cycle is repeated over and over again throughout life. On average, the entire growth cycle repeats itself once every 4 to 5 years.

The Anagen Phase:

Anagen is the growth phase. New cells are produced faster than any other body cell, and actively manufactured in the hair follicle. A healthy scalp hair overgrows from teenage to 30 years and slows down after 50. This phase usually lasts 3 to 5 years.

The Catagen Phase:

The Catagen phase is a transition period between Anagen and Telogen phases. The hair follicle canal detaches from the roots; the hair bulb shrinks and disappears. This phase lasts only about one to two weeks.

Telogen Phase:

The telogen phase is the last phase of the hair cycle, which lasts for 3 to 6 months. In people with healthy hair, it waits until the next anagen phase, and then the new hair pushes it out.

Almonds, cashews pistachio and pine nuts in glass bowls

Foods for Healthy Hair

Do you know that our hair and skin are a mirror of what we eat? There are some superfoods to provide you with good amounts of proteins (amino acids) to keep you and your hair healthy. These include;

  • Nuts, soybean, whole wheat & grains.
  • Peas and all variety of beans.
  • Whole grain & whole wheat bread.
  • Fruits such as tomatoes, zucchini & eggplant.
  • Peanut butter & corn.

Now we know how it all happens and what foods can make hair stronger. In the next part we will discuss about how to prevent hair fall. Till then, stay safe and healthy.

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