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Dress according to your body type

The most intoxicating feature of a woman is her figure. Every type is flawless and gorgeous on its own. But the thing is what clothes look good on us a lot depends on the body shape.  It is a very fun fact that what looks good in our eyes is a bunch of science. Every single thing creates a sensation in our brain and also the interesting part is, sometimes we can control what other person sees.

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Some clothes can make you look stunning on the other hand others might not do well. And the thing solely depends on your body type. For different types of figures of women, different parts are stand out part. When we learn to dress according to that, we will be stunning in every room that is for sure.

What is body type? :

We all look different and everyone comes across as blissful on their own. But there is a different part of us that is more flattering than others. And that is what about us that catches everyone’s attention. That feature can be anything like your smile, your skin, or anything. That is also the same for someone figure. Every person’s figure is different and wonderful on its own.

Everyone has a stand-out quality. It can a be broad shoulder, that can be a narrow belly. There are so many types out there. That is why it has been put t into some set of rules to determine what your flattering feature is. That is called the body shape.

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Measure your body type:

Body shape is some ratios. Ratios between different parts of the figure. These parts are measured and compared with different things and named after them. So to know your type you have to now measure different parts of yours and determine the ratio. The parts are:

  • Shoulder:

All you have to do is to measure the highest two points of the shoulder.

  • Bust:

Take a measuring tape and wrap that around your bust area and pin out the measurement.

  • Waist:

Pretty much we all know our waist size. If you don’t then measure the area above the belly button that is the narrower part of the belly.

 body type
  • Hips:

Measure the lower portion of the hips including your butt. And that is the measurement.

After analyzing all these measurements different shapes are then determined.

Different body types:

  • Apple-shaped :

If you have a fuller figure that has a very fuller waistline then you are an apple-shaped figure. You are more on the curve side. You have also weight around your bust and hips but your waist is more prominent.

  • Pear-shaped:

If you have a narrower shoulder and broad hip zone you might be pear-shaped. It is its name. You have a fuller hip zone that the rest of the part and it is the most visible part.

  • Hourglass:

You have a perfect ratio between your shoulder, bust, waist and hip. Your shoulder and hip are in parallel lines and have a narrow waist area. Most probably you have curves and that is more symmetrical.

  • Inverted triangle:

It is the opposite of pear-shaped. If your shoulder is the broad part of your whole figure then you are an inverted triangle. You are mostly a slimmer person in general.

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  • Rectangle:

It can be said of the model’s shape. If your measurements are parallel to each other throughout the body then you are a rectangular shape.

How to dress for different body types:

  • Apple-shaped :

As you hold most of the volume of your in the mid-portion of the body you need to hide that area and play on your strength. Wear something that is show off your legs. You can pull off the deep v neck dresses that will take the attention off your waistline.

  • Pear-shaped:

As you have a thicker hip and narrow shoulder, if you can balance this out you can mimic the shape of an hourglass one. Focus on the legs. You can hit a deep v neck dress and pull it off like crazy. A lifelong dress looks great on you

  • Hourglass:

You have a perfectly balanced figure. Any kind of cloth, any outfit will look great on you. Not everyone has that quality. So, experiment it out and have a gorgeous look every day.

 body type
  • Inverted triangle:

You have a wider shoulder and narrow hip area. Try to focus your hip and that will create balance throughout the figure. Skinny Jeans will look great on you.

  • Rectangle:

You have your arms and legs on your side. So try to present that. Although your waist is not defined, we wear something that can cover the fact. Anything will look kind of decent on you as you are similar to an hourglass.


Fashion is fun. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Experiment and enjoy the process of getting ready. It is a kind of self-love. But the fact is if you want to do more about your style, knowing your body shape and dressing accordingly to that will help you to gain that desired look. It is an amazing fact how much one thing or two can change a whole thing. Our brain is a total mystery and a lot of things that we know must not be the ultimate thing. So don’t set yourself up for any kind of rules for anyone. Explore your personality and express it through your appearance and have fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to dress for your body type?

Different people have different body shapes. And that is a dependable thing. Every type is different and beautiful. But the thing is we can utilize this thing to get perfect looks for us. First of all, know your type and know what looks good on your body. And then according to your choice dress yourself according to your body type.

How to know your body type?

There is some measurement that is used to measure your shape. They are your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip. The ratio between these, measurements defines your figure.

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