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Different types of exercises and their benefits

When our lives get so saturated with work, you just need an escape plan. Working out is something that we see as punishment but it can be our escape plan. We all think exercise is a weight-loss tool. This is a very toxic approach. To be mentally and physically sane nowadays, we all need some physical activity in our life. When we do exercise the satisfaction hormone serotonin is released.

That makes us feel that we achieved something good. And over and over again we crave this feeling. As a result, we get a lot of physical benefits also. It didn’t have to be that complicated also. Everyday slow walk, going for a run, or going to the gym every day will do a lot.

Why different forms need in exercise:

Exercises are categorized according to the need of an individual. Someone who is old won’t be able to go to the gym and lift the weight. On the other hand, for someone who wants to build muscle, a lot of cardio won’t do anything for him.

Another hand, if someone wants to lose weight he needs a total program to support that. There are also some aspects that people want to improve in their life like balance flexibility, breathing strength, etc. That is why a different sort is needed. Also, different types have different benefits. Like cardio helps in our heart health, strength training helps to build muscle. If anyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle they have to put all the activity in their mind.

The types of exercises:

There are so many things you can do in the name of working out. Cleaning your home is also physical activity. All the exercises have been put into these categories.

  • Cardio:

This is the workout that is related to our cardiac health. This is the form of exercise that will increase your heart rate to a much-extended level. The more you increase your heart rate the more you lose weight. It burns the most amounts of calories among the other categories. For anyone who is looking for fat loss, cardio is the answer.

It is beneficial for keeping our hearts healthy. When you do any cardio exercise, too many functions work altogether. Our heart rate gets up, our breathing gets faster, we burn calories, and also our blood circulation in the body gets improved. Walking, jumping rope, running, and swimming, these are the cardio types of exercises.

  • Strength training:

Strength training is the type of workout where you work your body against external weight or your body weight. If you have worked us at home following any workout video you will recognize the type. Strength training creates micro-tears in our muscles and when we restore from the damage our muscle gets more and more resilience.

Strength training helps to build muscle. It will make you stronger as a whole. You will be more comfortable taking the stairs, take the grocery bag. Also, muscle building helps in getting faster metabolism. The more muscle you have the more you will burn fat and be fit. Strength training helps to build muscle and helps to make our metabolism high.

Types of strength training are,  Carrying groceries, Pull-ups. Arm curls, Lifting your body weight, Using a resistance band, Weight lifting, Push-ups, Squats.

  • Balance :

Balance is much needed in our day-to-day work. As we get old we lose our strength and we more often tend to get imbalanced. You can recover with physical activity life yoga tai-chi etc. This kind of exercise not only helps in balance but also helps to fight so many sicknesses also. Tai-Chi, Standing from a seated position is a balanced workout.

  • Flexibility:

It is not the much-need category. But if someone wants to be more flexible they can focus on these types of exercises. Like dancers, athletes need to be more flexible than ordinary people. They can do this type to improve themselves. Stretching is a flexibility workout.

The best type of exercise for you:

That is based on so many factors that what is the right kind of exercise for you. But we will break down some of that so that you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

  • Your goals:

Your goal can be a healthy lifestyle, it can be losing weight, and it can be being stronger. Think of what you desire. And then choose a plan according to that.

  • Your age:

We all know after a certain age our body slows down. A lot of things we cannot do at this time. Choose according to your age what program you are capable of doing.

  • Your profession:

You can’t do a full-time job and expect six-packs after a month. That will be unrealistic. Track the free time that you have and plan according to that time what exercise works best for you.

  • Your strengths:

You have to know yourself. If you can’t keep breathing for a long time too much cardio is not for you. If you can’t lift heavy then weight lifting is not for you. You have to start with the zero level and slowly but surely have to put yourself for the difficult tasks


God has created us as each unique piece. We don’t have the same needs or same likings. When it comes to health listen to your body. If you feel that you don’t want to go to the gym skip the day if you want to. if you want to take a long walk do it. If you prioritize your soul you will ultimately be a healthy person.

There is so much information you will get on the internet. But you have to put yourself first before the logic. If you can’t do a specific task, forcing yourself will be more harmful.

Frequently asked questions:

Which type of exercise is the best?

There is a basic four type. Which one is the best depends on the individual choice? It depends on your needs and goals.

What are the four types of exercise?

They are cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility. Each type has its character and benefits. We have discussed it earlier.

Do I have to work out every day?

No, you don’t have to work out every day. If you are a person whose job is required physical tasks, 3 times a week is a pretty good spot for you. If you are a person whose job is to work on the computer all day. You need some physical tasks during the day. You can go for a slow walk every day. That will also be very great for your mood. It depends on our needs. You just need to balance it out

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