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Dentists tell how to use your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash

How is your skincare program? Between a cleanser, toner, and serum only, there can be at least five steps, and you know where those steps go. But what about your dental care? According to dentists, your two-daily dental care should include a series of steps such as skincare. The time has come for all of us to focus on our teeth, just like our skincare practices. But most people do not know this or they do not care to donate time for another multistep (reputable) process.

As London-based time writer Reena Wadia praises charm, skincare often gives fast results and the rewards of dentistry can be too late. “Skincare has managed us to strive for flawless and long-lasting results,” Wadia says. “While some of the benefits of dental care, especially preventative care, are not clear, they can have dramatic effects in the long run.” According to Wadia, devoting time to a full-time dental program (and doing it right, in fact) is one of the best investments you can make.

So, what is the best dental care policy? On what schedule should we clean, rinse and use our mouthwash every morning and night? Experts are here to help. Socialtomatoes.com has compiled a proper sequence of dental care which they have taken from the horse’s mouth directly to the teeth.

1: Start with a morning mouth wash

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Most people can use mouthwash as a last resort for dental care. New York City dentist Rob Raimondi recommends cleaning in the morning and night. “When we sleep, our salivary glands stop producing saliva and aerobic bacteria cause gum disease and cavities increase their activity,” Rob explained. Rinsing the mouth can be taken care of quickly. Rob’s favorites are Listerine Zero and The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Rinse.

Be careful not to use mouthwash as soon as you brush your teeth. “It washes away all the good stuff in the toothpaste,” Wadia said.

2: Brush between your teeth

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It may seem rushed, but yes, you should brush your teeth beforehand for dental care. As Wadia points out, the toothbrush (or properly used) only reaches the front and back of the teeth. It is best to grind after brushing without flushing. It is not like flossing at all ***** Clean only one side of the dish and put it back in the cupboard. That means it’s better to get the floss first “means toothpaste comes easily between the teeth when you brush your teeth,” Wadia said.

You also need to upgrade your flossing process. New York City dentist Sharon Huang explains: “The purpose of removing the floss is to use the depth into the pond – the space between the teeth where the bacteria live – and the sulfur bacteria to move up.” Will liberate. “

Burst recommends the use of charcoal expanding floss and cocoa flow dental floss. According to Raimondi, you can also use an internal brush or water pick.

3: Brush patiently for dental care

dental care, teeth, family dental care, urgent dental care, dental care routine

Dental care requires you to brush patiently. You already know this rule: you should brush your teeth at least every two minutes – Huang, Wadia, and Raimondi all agree. All three recommend using an electric toothbrush. Such as Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush or **** BIO (its timer and its AI 2020 helped win the Best of Beauty award). “It is very effective in removing plaque because it is designed to properly remove teeth and gums, and many people now have a pressure sensor that warns you when you press too hard,” Wadia explained.

Brushing is another area where your hair needs to be processed. “Rotate your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and smoke and run in a circular motion across the cinnamon,” Huang advises. “Brush outside, inside, and then chew all your teeth”. And no matter what you do, try not to hit yourself hard. it will lead to shrinkage of the gums and teeth, he adds.

Knowing the toothpaste, it is always best to stick with fluoride formulas. Stone is very harmful, at least avoid white or charcoal toothpaste. Any Cenodine toothpaste and Colgate Sensitive Complete Protection toothpaste are right in their book.

4: Wipe your tongue for dental care

dental care, teeth, family dental care, urgent dental care, dental care routine

If you do not brush or scratch your tongue regularly after brushing daily, your chances of suffocation will increase significantly. “Our Tongue is made up of many cellars, It contains bacteria and debris, ”said Wadia. “If these are not removed regularly, the tongue will be filled and this is a major cause of bad breath. “Great.

Huang and Raimondi also recommend cleaning your tongue. If not by hand – with a toothbrush and a stainless steel remover Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner. Wadia also recommends the RW Perio Tongue Scraper.

Four steps, that’s all. It’s not so bad when you write it completely, is it? So the next time you stick to your 12-step skincare process, don’t forget to put at least some part of that effort into your oral and dental care.

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