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December Global Holidays – 20 To Celebrate In 2022

Around the globe, December is a month of celebration! With so many distinct holidays and customs, it may be challenging to know where to begin. Six billion people worldwide celebrate holidays in December, making it the most popular holiday month.

In general, we had a wonderful time in December. It’s almost Christmas when everyone gets together to enjoy the season. In general, we anticipate social gatherings with great anticipation. Additionally, there is no better time than the holiday season.

December has a lot of diverse things to adore. We like that the weather in our area is generally chilly but not too snowy. We like being indoors, sipping hot chocolate, and arranging parties.

Another thing We like about December is the abundance of Christmas gatherings. For example, we all adore dressing up and going to celebratory occasions. And, of course, there is usually plenty of food and drink, and it’s a terrific time to catch up with friends and family.

This festive guide will teach you about some of December’s most prominent worldwide holidays. There’s a little for everyone, from Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa! So, get your passport ready and start arranging your vacation worldwide!

20 December Global Holidays:

A holiday is a particular day or period when people commemorate a significant event in their lives. It might be a religious holiday, such as Christmas or Hanukkah, or it can be a cultural celebration, such as Chinese New Year or Carnival.

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These December holidays are often founded on significant customs and beliefs of the people who celebrate them. Furthermore, they may be an excellent opportunity to connect with your culture or religion and often contain unique cuisine, music, and rituals.

Here are the top 20 international holidays to celebrate in December, whether you’re looking for a way to connect with your own culture or religion or are curious about how others celebrate worldwide.

1st December – World AIDS Day:

Every year on 1st December, World AIDS Day commemorates the AIDS epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) established the inaugural World AIDS Day in 1988 to combat the illness. Due to their efforts, the number of new HIV infections has decreased by 15% in five years.

2nd December – Cyber Monday:

It is a day to honor online purchasing. When the National Retail Federation (NRF) realized that stores needed another chance to make a profit after Black Friday, the concept was born in 2005.

The day is frequently called “Cyber Monday” since most consumers buy things online using computers or mobile devices on the first or second Monday after Black Friday.

3rd December – Giving Tuesday:

The second Tuesday of December is designated as “Donations Tuesday” each year to encourage charitable giving throughout the globe.

It’s a moment to recognize and support charitable initiatives throughout the globe, whether via monetary donations, volunteer time, or social media exposure.

The objective is to raise billions of dollars for good causes worldwide by leveraging social media’s power and fostering a feeling of community in favor of social change.

4th December – International Day Of Banks:

4th December is International Day of Banks, also known as Bankers Day. This annual worldwide holiday honors the importance of banks in the economy. It refers to as “Bankers’ Day,” “International Bankers’ Day,” or simply “Banks’ Day.”

Everyone associated with banks, including employees and consumers, is being honored for their efforts to improve society and the world. Furthermore, it will remind us not just of its past but also of what we owe to bankers.

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5th December – International Volunteers Day:

Every year on December 5th, people throughout the globe recognize and appreciate the efforts of volunteers by celebrating International Volunteers Day. It was designated by the United Nations in 1985 and has been observed annually on 5th December since then.

International Volunteers Day honors volunteers and their contributions to society. Let’s face it: we’ve all spent time as volunteers somewhere along the line.

6th December – St. Nicholas Day:

St. Nicholas of Myra, sometimes known as Nicholas of Bari, was a bishop of Myra in Lycia, Asia Minor, in the fourth century (modern-day Turkey). Christians revere him as a saint, and his feast day is celebrated by giving gifts to children.

St. Nick’s Day is celebrated annually on December 6. Small tokens of appreciation are exchanged, or treats are hidden in his shoes for him to find when he returns home late at night.

Parents in countries like Germany and Belgium may fill their shoes with treats and little presents on Saint Nicholas’s Eve if a kid has been good throughout the year.

7th December – International Civil Aviation Day:

International Civil Aviation Day is a must-celebrate for airplane enthusiasts. Airlines worldwide celebrate its history and accomplishments on this day. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was established in 1944 to promote safe, orderly, and efficient air traffic across international boundaries.

It is a United Nations specialized body that establishes global standards for civil aviation. The agency’s primary headquarters are in Montreal, Canada, although it maintains a worldwide network of representative offices.

8th December – Bodhi Day:

8th December is known as Bodhi Day, a Buddhist celebration observed on 8th December. A celebration of the awakening of Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Prince Siddhartha, and Buddha Shakyamuni, is observed annually on this day.

Bodhi Day, also known as the Creation Story of the Blessed Virgin Mary, occurs yearly on 8th December. Pope Pius IX proclaimed in an Apostolic Constitution on 2 February 1854 that everyone would remember it after Christmas Eve Masses.

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9th December – International Anti-Corruption Day:

A new holiday is observed on 9th December. It is International Anti-Corruption Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about corruption and its repercussions.

The United Governments General Assembly created this day in 2003 as a chance for all nations to restate their commitment to combatting corruption at the national level and promoting integrity globally.

The subject for this year is “Anti-Corruption in the Digital Age.” Blockchain technologies are utilized for voting or tracking food supply chains. However, there are concerns linked with e-government services. Consumers might be subject to bribery via digital payments or online forms without any inspections by authorities.

Aside from increasing awareness about these risks, another goal of International Anti-Corruption Day is to encourage more active engagement by young people, who are often the most impacted by corruption owing to low-income levels or a lack of educational options (or both)!

10th December – Human Rights Day:

Every year on 10th December, Human Rights Day is commemorated. It was first observed as Human Rights Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1968. The date was selected because the United Nations General Assembly approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10th December 1948.

The UN General Assembly founded the UDHR in 1948 to protect human rights globally and promote democracy, peace, and prosperity. It became international law when it entered into effect as an international treaty in 1976, with 20 more protocols added.

11th December – National Noodle Ring Day:

Noodle Ring Day is a cuisine festival that honors the noodle ring. It was observed on 11th December to commemorate the creation of the noodle ring in 1743 by an American scientist called Dr. John B. Noodle. President Andrew Jackson proclaimed Noodle Ring Day “the greatest day in history” after eating his first noodle ring at a White House supper by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1815.

In 2021, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon formally established 11th December as International Mountain Day (IMD), an annual celebration of mountains and mountain climbers worldwide!

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12th December – Poinsettia Day:

People celebrate Poinsettia Day on 12th December. It is a day to honor the poinsettia, a plant native to Mexico and Central America. On this day, a man called Joel Roberts Poinsett observed some flowers blossoming in Mexico and brought them back to the United States.

He was so taken with these flowers that he raised them in his greenhouse, where they grew quickly and produced lovely blossoms. Poinsett sent some seeds back to South Carolina on 12th December 1828, when they were planted near his house. These plants swiftly spread across South Carolina, ultimately known as “Poinsettias.”

13th December – Saint Lucia’s Day:

Saint Lucia’s Day is a public holiday observed on 13th December in Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia’s Day commemorates this day, and the 13th of December is a special day to celebrate this event annually. It is named for St. Lucy, a Christian martyr who resided in Syracuse (in Sicily). They kill her in 304 AD during the Diocletian persecution.

Since 1882, when French planters from Martinique and Guadeloupe brought enslaved Africans to the island, St. Lucia’s Day has been celebrated yearly.

December 16-24 – Las Posadas:

What exactly is it? Las Posadas is an event that commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth. Catholics and other Christians have historically observed it in Mexico, the United States, and worldwide. The holiday falls just before Christmas, which is on 25th December.

Each night at Las Posadas depicts a separate incident from the Holy Family’s quest for shelter in Bethlehem during their flight to Egypt after King Herod ordered the killing of all male infants born in Bethlehem.

Traditionally, Las Posadas begins on the 16th of December and continues until the 23rd. On Christmas Eve, 24th December, pilgrims rejoice in discovering rooms at an inn so Mary and Joseph can rest and attend midnight mass after being up all night!

20th December – International Human Solidarity Day:

International Human Solidarity Day celebrates humanity and raises awareness of the world’s most serious challenges. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which is devoted to assisting those impacted by war, conflict, catastrophe, and poverty, was founded in 2002. You may help others on this day by volunteering or giving money or goods.

One way to celebrate International Human Solidarity Day is by learning more about humanitarian relief groups like the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. Suppose you want to become involved with these or other humanitarian organizations. In that case, you might go on a trip to assist people in need over your summer vacation.

24th December – Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day, which falls on 25th December. Christmas Eve is a Christian festival that commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth. Most people spend Christmas Eve attending church services, eating a special feast, and exchanging presents.

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The star on top of the tree commemorates the star that shone over Bethlehem when Jesus was born. The tree represents life and expansion, while the candles signify trust: confidence in God’s promise to keep children safe from evil spirits.

25th December – Christmas:

Christmas is a big holiday observed by billions of people worldwide on 25th December as a religious and cultural festival.

Christmas Day has religious and cultural significance for Christians, who observe it to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. In many Western cultures, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, marked by exchanging gifts, using Advent wreaths or calendars, celebrating Christmastide, decorating with lights and candles, and displaying a Christmas tree inside houses and churches. 

26th December – Boxing Day:

Several nations around the world celebrate Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day, on December 26th. In the United Kingdom, Some people believe that Boxing Day is associated with St. Stephen’s Day, which commemorates the first Christian martyr and takes place on this day in AD 34 or 35.

Despite its widespread use, “Boxing Day” is not an official term; it was developed in 1836 by London bookies who held an event titled “Boxing Day” in which they gave out free presents to everyone who visited their stores on that day.

31st December – New Year’s Eve:

It is the final day of the Gregorian calendar year 2022. Many countries celebrate New Year’s Eve, also known as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day, on December 31st, the final day of the year.

People from all around the world attend New Year’s Eve parties with their friends and family every year. They refer to these parties as “Party Central”, and the parties are open for three days: one for Christmas and two for New Year’s Eve.

31st December – Omisoka:

You may also follow individuals dressed in traditional garb or kimono during this period.

Omisoka is unique in that it is not a national holiday; rather than an official paid day off, it is more of an informal gathering when people dine together and rejoice at their homes.

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The December holidays are a great time to gather with family and friends and enjoy customs from all around the globe. These holidays remind us of the significance of giving back to our communities and the pleasure that comes from celebrating our diversity.

No matter what you celebrate this year—Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s Eve—may it be merry and bright for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Number Of Holidays In December?

December worldwide holidays begin at the beginning and continue until the conclusion of the month. However, each nation has its own set of December holidays. In general, the month of December has around 20 holidays.

How Many Worldwide December Holidays Will There Be in 2022?

There are around 20 international holidays in December 2022.

What Are The Lyrics And Chords For The December Worldwide Holidays?

The worldwide December holiday lyrics and chords include playing musical notes, string numbers, finger placements, and chord combinations.

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