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Coronavirus Tips for Second Wave

Coronavirus tips:

In a situation where the reports about how many people are getting sick with the Second Wave of coronavirus are devastating economies worldwide, similar reports from the front are arriving as well. Including reports of Frontline workers & Doctors. They are becoming a carriers of the virus. Hence, it is very difficult to remain calm and sober. But this is necessary. Here, Experts have accumulated some coronavirus tips on how to stop coronavirus and protect your family from second wave of Corona Virus.

Avoid panic

how to stop corona - Coronavirus Tips

Each person has their own way that will work for them, but not necessarily for others. For some, it is easy to be in panic mode after analyzing the situation, in which they understand that today in America there are about 9,937,271 people who are sick, 6,342,279 of them have recovered, while 241,126 have passed away.

Based on this information, they understand that everything is not good. But, do not give in to panic, continue to live and work in the same way, while observing caution (more on that later). Some people uses methods for calming themselves like meditation, pronouncing affirmations, while others – totally ignore the news, communicate with loved ones, pronounce the problem, and discussing it for not to be afraid. Your task is to admit it. “Yes, I’m scared, and I can do better in this situation”.

And we can change a lot. Firstly, our attitude to the problem itself. There is, of course, a category of people that psychologists often call anxious, these are the most difficult people to help. Because such people themselves are looking for an excuse to worry; they obsessively scan the news feed in search of terrible headlines, collect negative information. Such people often believe in his this universal conspiracy.

It is such people who always manage to create an elephant out of a fly. Of course, ideally, they should undergo therapy with specialists. Because when anxiety is inside, it is difficult to cope with it by some external factors, and logic does not work in such cases. If there is such a person next to you, try to switch his violent imagination to some other universal conspiracy. It might work as coronavirus tips.

Stop spreading Coronavirus

how to stop corona - Coronavirus Tips

To know about effective coronavirus tips, it must be understood that this virus spreads not only through the respiratory tract but also via dirty hands and touching the mucous membranes with the same hands. In general, the most basic safety measure available to everyone, without exception, is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds or using hand sanitizers. Build a habit of washing/ sanitizing hands before and after following events.

  • After the toilet
  • Before cooking
  • After cooking
  • Before eating
  • After meal
  • Returning from outside
  • After contacting with any objects in public areas

Washing your hands with soap is the most effective way to get rid of the virus. Soap can be very common: the surfactants in it destroy the virus effectively, even if there are no additional components in the soap. However, it may be noted that antibacterial soap is as good as a normal soap against Corona.

Key Points to Remember

Hand rubbing with antiseptics is an alternative disinfection method, but it should only be used when handwashing with soap is not available.

Do not rub your eyes, nose, or touch your face and mouth with dirty hands. Keep distance in public places and use a face mask which are the best means to stop coronavirus. Another precaution available to everyone is that if you feel unwell, do not go to work or meet family or friends. Stay at home, and call a doctor if necessary.

There is no need to take unhealthy children to kindergarten and let them go to school. If your kids feel unwell, do not endanger the health of others. At the moment, the authorities are doing everything possible to prevent the large-scale spread of the coronavirus in the country. They are trying to isolate the sick and those who have come in contact with them. This measure must be taken into consideration with understanding.

Remember that at risk are primarily the elderly, people with heart disease, chronic diseases, etc. Doctors have concluded that children and adolescents are less susceptible to this virus. The virus cannot cross the placenta, therefore, the unborn baby is safe even if the mother gets sick.

Don’t stop communicating with the patient

how to stop corona

The real stress in people is caused by isolation; distancing, and lack of full-fledged human contacts. As it turned out, it is not enough for us to just hear or see a person on the screen. Live communication cannot be replaced; no matter how modern technologies humans invent! Our likes and dislikes, our empathy (ability to empathize) arise only when a holistic image is formed.

Facial expressions, gestures, speech and timbre of voice, reactions to other people, emotional attitude towards you, touch – all these are feelings that cannot be transmitted remotely. And here it remains only to wait for the exit from the self-isolation regime. Let them wear masks and gloves, but live communication between people does not have to stop.

how to stop corona

End Words

Monitor your health, strengthen immunity, do not forget about sports. Take the necessary precautions, in particular, wash your hands, and do not panic. Because panic will not add a health shield around you, rather it will make you more susceptible. Lastly, the most important thing to remember here is that the Coronavirus is not as terrible as its consequences. Therefore, do not be a carrier. Contact specialists once infected, get treated. Help out others on how to stop coronavirus and to fight off this virus.

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