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Coping with Stress and its Management

The Good Stress & the Bad Stress:

Here we are going to tell you how to coping with stress. Not all stress is distress. A certain amount of stress or pressure is necessary to maintain a healthy balance physically and mentally. There are actually several degrees of stress. Probably one of the most important aspects of dealing with the negative stress in your life is through positive stress affirmations.

Positive affirmations can be a part of your first response to stress triggers. It would be wonderful if we could have a place that is calming and peaceful so you can relax and recite positive affirmations without interruption. The problem is, stress generally doesn’t choose the moments in our lives when we have the luxury of stepping away and collecting ourselves; therefore your affirmations have to be rooted and instinctive.


Stress and Distress

The lowest degree of stress is distress, which can lead to frustration, boredom or dissatisfaction – even severe health effects such as complete exhaustion, heart attacks, and stroke. This stress chips away at us, which can slowly disintegrate our body and mind. And it can even create many negative affirmations ingrained in our minds. This, of course, needs to be addressed and we need to refocus our mind.


Examples: Positive Stress Affirmations

Here are two examples of positive stress affirmations for the distress situations that arise:

“There are so many things to explore and do in life”


“I am content to be in my circumstances”

Positive stress

Destructive Stress

The most destructive stress is extreme stress, which leads to irrational problem solving and very often anger. This stress can cause you to make poor judgment calls that destroy your credibility and decision-making processes. In return, it not only damages you internally, but at times, people around you also bear the side effects of this kind of extreme stress. Thus, putting your relationships, friendships at danger.

coping with stress

Coping with Stress via Affirmations

Some positive stress affirmations that need to become ingrained to counteract extreme stress could be the following:

“I will never make a major decision when I am angry or totally stressed”

“I will seek a trusted friend for wise counsel before taking action when I am stressed out”

coping with stress

Good Stress

There is such a thing as “healthy” stress. It’s called eustress, or positive stress. This stress leads to positive growth, satisfaction, newfound knowledge, rational problem solving, and creativity. Using this particular stress to energize your positive stress affirmations for the destructive distress and extreme stress would be productive.

We need to reevaluate how we manage the stress in our lives and recognize the situations that are unique to us that put us into stress mode. For one person the craziness of an insanely busy workday could stretch them to the limit; while another person would thrive on this high energy. Find the eustress in your life that you can tap into and use the creative energy to calm you when you are under the distress or destructive stress influence.

Free positive Affirmations

In the end, here are some free positive affirmations to help you achieve your goal for inner harmony in a stressful world that may be practiced:

  • I can balance my time in order to keep me from being bored.
  • I choose not to make life-changing decisions when I am stressed.
  • I take a step back from conversations when I am too stressed to be rational.
  • I evaluate what I find stressful and choose to move past it.
  • I am a calm problem solver.
  • I value the counsel of others when I can’t see the forest for the trees.

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