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Haircut & Color ideas for Short Hair

By Expert Hair Stylist


Hair looks different when they are SHORT!!! When we talk about beautiful hair, the first thing that comes to our mind is “long hair.” But be realistic; mostly, you will see medium or short hair lengths that look very eye-catching, finely worn, and in good shape. Short and mid-lengths are easy to carry, hence take little time to maintain.


As summer is around the corner, I will give you some easy to manage hair-color & style ideas for short & medium length hair.

color ideas for short hair

Hair Color Tips for Short Hair


  • The best hair color for short and medium lengths should be either dark or vibrant.


  • If you choose brunettes; it will give your hair a much sharper look, while choosing lighter tones gives your hair fullness and maybe length.


  • Add some highlights or lowlights; adding highlights and lowlights gives hair dimensions. Choose two or three different tones to add dimensions in your hair.


  • If your hair texture is fine & straight; choose a combination of warm colors e.g., violet, deep red, caramel brown, or chocolate brown. Copper or gold-tones mostly look frizzy in fine, straight hair.


  • If your hair is coarse & wavy, e.g., Blonde, ash blonde, ash green, purple, or violet. Copper and chili-red add variation too.
color ideas for short hair
color ideas for short hair

Hair Cut Benefits for Medium/ Short Hair


BLUNT HAIR-CUT: Can be created in fine straight or medium thick hair. The hair length touches shoulders and is even on both sides. Blunt hair-cut allows you to create soft & manageable hairstyles, like French Knot, side twist, and braids.

color ideas for short hair

GRADUATED HAIR-CUT: Graduated hair-cut adds volume and texture, thus suitable to mostly all hair types. The hair length may vary from the upper neck to the shoulders. You can select the best manageable length for your hair. This hair cut is shorter from the back and longer at the front.

 short hairs

UNIFORM-LAYERED CUT: Uniform layered cut is described as a hair-cut with full volume and variation of layers. The length may vary according to your hair thickness and texture, as well as how you would like to wear those layers. It’s suitable for all hair types.

 short hairs

TIP: If you decide to get your hair colored and cut at the same time, always get a color first and then a hair cut.

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