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Best Vacuum Cleaner (Top 5)

best vacuum cleaner:

The vacuum cleaner is a powerful device that can clean entire houses. There are many models on the market, which differ in quality, features, prices, and accessories.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner can be a difficult task. The best vacuum cleaners are not only the latest ones released on the market or those that cost more. But above all those, with a good quality-price ratio, ensure good performance and long life.

When choosing, it is advisable to consider various characteristics, including the type, consumption, and power, accessories, filter, tank, and noise level of your vacuum cleaner. Experts have chosen the best vacuum cleaners for you and they are given below.

Dyson V11 Absolute

best vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V11 Absolute is currently the best cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. The spearhead of Dyson production uses an extraordinary 14 cyclone turbo cyclone technology to capture 99.97% of particles as large as 0.3 Micron.

The credit goes above all to the Dyson V11 engine, a small technological prodigy that reaches a top speed of 125,000 rpm. Faster than a Formula 1 car, more powerful than any other battery-powered engine currently on the road.

Cyclonic technology centrifuges dirt and traps it in an easy-to-empty 0.76-liter container. An integrated display, in addition to providing information on the current battery status, indicates any problems with the vacuum cleaner and the need for maintenance by the user.

The energy needed to operate the Dyson V11 Absolute comes from a large lithium-ion battery, which guarantees 60 minutes of autonomy.

The range of accessories is also exceptional, including the High Torque intelligent brush. Equipped with a set of sensors. It is able to recognize the type of surface, adjust the engine speed accordingly, and always have the best consumption/performance ratio.

A second brush, the Mini Turbo Brush, allows you to clean fabrics and smaller surfaces extremely effectively, concentrating the suction. The best of Dyson: it’s on sale on Amazon.

Shark HV380 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner

The Shark HV380 Stick Vacuum cleaner has a pair of batteries that promise run times of up to 23 minutes each. And the powerful Duo Clean head sports LED headlights to illuminate darker areas.

The tube also bends to reach hard-to-reach areas, such as under sofas. It’s a bit bulky in the hand, and it’s heavy on top use compared to its Dyson equivalent.

It comes with many accessories, including a motorized tool for dealing with pet hair. Versatile and extremely capable, this Shark is an all-rounder vacuum cleaner and, while it lacks a touch of finesse in design. It is a true competitor to Dyson’s mighty V-series.

Dyson V10 Animal

best vacuum cleaner

Dyson V10 is a digital engine perfectly comparable to the most recent V11. The differences are minimal and in everyday life practically impossible to notice. It is a powerful, silent, and long-lasting vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the 14 cyclones that centrifuge the dirt, improve cleaning, and reduce wear of the internal components.

The typical display of the latest Dyson electric brooms is missing, but the gain is in terms of weight and handling. The Dyson V10 Animal is undoubtedly among the most comfortable vacuum cleaners to use ever.

It is the best ally for those who have pets at home and find themselves fighting daily with flying hairs nestled everywhere. The solution comes from an incredible brush present in the package called Direct Drive.

The Direct-Drive brush is equipped with a series of spirally arranged bristles which, by rotating, are able to capture even the most invisible hairs. It is a motorized brush, that is, equipped with an auxiliary motor.

In this, the available suction power increases, but there is a compromise: with this accessory. The autonomy is reduced and the noise emitted by the Dyson V10 Animal increases.

Not bad, however: thanks to the latest-generation lithium-ion battery. This cordless electric broom can remain in operation for an hour at standard power (which is equivalent to the minimum). However, minimum power does not mean poor suction. With this name, Dyson indicates the classic power that should be selected for most of the use. It reserves the power boost only for the most complex situations.

Shark ION F80


The Shark brand will say nothing to many: it is a new entry in the world of vacuum cleaners that tries to carve out a place in the upper part of the category. How? With products such as the Shark ION F80, which declares open war on the “top of the range” but proposes itself at a significantly lower price.

It has a power supply system that includes a double battery. Each of the batteries is capable of delivering about 30 minutes of autonomy. They can be recharged both inside the vacuum cleaner and using the appropriate charging base.

With an hour of total autonomy, it manages to rival the greats in the sector: the double battery. However, involves an increase in terms of weight. However, it remains a manageable vacuum cleaner. The central joint allows you to reach even prohibitive points for fixed rod vacuum cleaners.

As for the suction quality, little to say. The engine is powerful and you can hear it, even if not audibly. The Duo Clean head, equipped with two motorized brush rollers. It allows you to capture up to 99.9% of dirt particles, even if someone complains of a certain inconvenience of use.

There is also an accessory for the capture of hair, especially for those who have pets at home. This vacuum cleaner is on sale on Amazon.

Shark IQ Robot

best vacuum cleaner

The Shark IQ Robot is a medium-high-end robot vacuum cleaner. It is able to offer all the typical features of the best iRobot models but at a non-prohibitive price.

It can count on a suction power up to 5 times greater than that of the Roomba 600 series. Nothing escapes the action of this robot. Two multi-surface brushes allow you to capture hair, dust, and dirt on any floor, making it the best vacuum cleaner for parquet.

The head automatically adjusts its height if it detects a carpet. Thanks to the Dirt Detect system, the shark vacuum robot is able to understand which areas of the house need a more thorough cleaning.

Equipped with Wi-Fi, it can be controlled through the SharkClean app and integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa systems. The Shark IQ Robot is equipped with a VSlam navigation system that allows it to always calculate the perfect route. It is on sale on Amazon.

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best vacuum cleaner: The vacuum cleaner is a powerful device that can clean entire houses. There are many models on the market, which differ in quality, features, prices, and accessories. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner can be a difficult task. The best vacuum cleaners are not...Best Vacuum Cleaner (Top 5)