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Best Steamer for Clothes Review- MagicPro

Steamer for Clothes:

Handheld streamers have taken the world by storm nowadays. Everyone is fascinated to buy them due to their best attached benefits. In the horns of the dilemma to cherry pick the finest amongst the ocean of streamers, let us make it easier for you to decide. Experts at Socialtomatoes.com have reviewed MagicPro Steamer for Cloths based on its own performance as well as its competitors. Following are the main features which differentiates MagicPro from other similar handheld steamers.

  MagicPro Electrolux Conair Turbo
Price 30.95 $ 64.95 $ 29.44 $
Amazon Rating 4.7 / 5 4.6 / 5 4.4 / 5
Features Dries, Steams and
less time consuming
Fabric steamer
The Fabric Steamer Fabric Steamer
Comparison between Best Handheld Steamers for Clothes

Works with All Fabrics:

steamer for clothes

The MagicPro can easily be used on toilsome materials such as silk, cotton, velvet, wool and polyester. Also, it can work perfectly well on wearisome pieces of fabrics such as table cloth or any other small piece of cloth which is problematic to handle in mundane cloth steaming by other streamers.

Comes with a Brush:

steamer for clothes

The MagicPro streamer comes with a unique gadget. It has a fabric and lint brush attached with it to make it convenient when you want to remove the dust and keep it clean at the same time. The 2 in 1 feature is making the streamer more versatile than any other streamers in market. Others handheld streamers such as Magic Tec 8541878786 , PERFECTDAY 800W Handheld Garment Steamer, URPOWER Handheld Garment Steamer 130ml, Conair TS184GS3, Conair GS37AMZR and URPOWER Handheld Updated 180ml steamers do not have this advantage.

Leak-proof Design:

steamer for clothes

The most worthwhile feature of this steamer for clothes is its leak-proof design. Now, spilling of water will not vex you anymore. Once fabric is steam ironed, water will not spill on clothes to iron them again. Many of the other steamers spill water and cause problem with crisp ironing. It means that the effectiveness of the streamer is reduced as tank is again and again refilled. However, all the hassle is resolved by MagicPro’s leak-proof streamers.                         

Automatic Shutdown:

The plight of burning cloths is eliminated by the MagicPro streamer. It is fitted with an advanced level of automatic shutdown feature which is activated when the fabric temperature goes beyond a certain level. Moreover, it is also activated when the water level is too low. Due to this reason, it is entirely safe to use this steamer. While many other steamers like Rowenta DR8120, Conair GS23AMP, PAX H-106, Conair GS23N, Rowenta DR8080 and Rowenta DR7051 do have this feature, but it does not work seamlessly. Due to this reason, MagicPro is much safer than the alternatives.

Adequate Steam:

steamer for clothes

The steam iron is capable of giving out the steam for the time span of 15 minutes. It is far better than Best Rowenta handheld steamers which provide steam for 10 minutes only. This create hurdles when a lot of clothes are to be ironed and refilling is needed frequently. On the other hand with MagicPro Handheld Steamer for clothes, you can do many clothes easily without filling tank repeatedly.               

High Powered Heating:

steamer for clothes

The rating of heating element is considered a lot when handheld steamers are used. Therefore, rating of MagicPro is of 1500W. It is much stronger than of Rowenta DR7000, Steadfast SF-717, URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer and Steamfast SF-435. All in all, this steamer not only generates steam but can do it more quickly compared to others.

Large Water Tank Capacity:

steamer for clothes

The water tank is having a capacity of 300ML. It is much higher than any other out there. Moreover the tank is visible to make it easier letting you know when the refill is needed.

End Word:

In the nutshell the MagicPro handheld steamer is the best choice you will find. It is designed in such a way that it has almost every needed feature to overcome your requirements. The water tank capacity of this steamer is 300 ML which is higher than most of the other garment steamers out there. Also, since it can generate steam quickly and can generate it for more time as compared to other handheld steamers, you will realize that this one is a reliable choice when looking for a handheld steamer for clothes with higher capacity. The visible water tank is another advantage. In this way, it is easy to remove the water tank and refill it and reattach it. Considering the design of the water tank as well as the higher capacity, MagicPro is a perfect choice as handheld steamer for clothes.

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Steamer for Clothes: Handheld streamers have taken the world by storm nowadays. Everyone is fascinated to buy them due to their best attached benefits. In the horns of the dilemma to cherry pick the finest amongst the ocean of streamers, let us make it easier...Best Steamer for Clothes Review- MagicPro