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Best Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are the ones which can be used in homes and areas where large extension cables are not readily available; to make them fit in a specific area. They can be moved here and there whenever needed. However, their output is not that powerful to cover entire home. They are just good enough for a room or sitting area. Nevertheless, you may buy one each for every room; or place you want to be heated in case you do not want to buy the centralized heaters. In order to find the best heaters around; we must first know what type of heaters are available in the market? And surprise! There are plenty!

So to find the best portable heaters around for you in this chilly winter; experts at socialtomatoes.com have formulated a list of ones available and their their utilities. So read below and choose the best for home.

Space heaters

portable heaters

Space heaters are mostly used portable heaters when main heating systems do not work properly; or when the installation cost is unbearable for people. These small heaters are less costly and more beneficious when they are used in a small area. They also can maintain the temperature by not overheating a room. This quality is actually adventitious for the elderly who do not tolerate intense heating of the entire room.  

The capacity of these portable space heaters can range in between 10k Btu and 40k Btu per hour. They generally run on electricity, propane, kerosene, and the natural gas. However, some space heaters also work by the natural circulation in the room called the convection and the radiant heating. These radiant heaters produce the infrared radiation which heats the area within its line of sight. It is mostly good when a person is in a room for longer periods of time; and want to be in the line of sight of the heater. Also when the room is used for a shorter period of time; as they heat a person sitting near to it despite heating the whole room.

One has to be extra cautious when space heaters are used. To illustrate this point, the US Consumer product safety commission records 25k fires every year due to the wrong or inefficient use of these space heaters; resulting casualties of over 300. Also, more than 6k people are hospitalized and brought to emergency rooms; due to burn injuries caused by contacting the heater mostly in non- fire circumstances.

Guidelines for Space Heaters

When a person is planning to buy and install this space heater, he must follow these guidelines so that safely should be maintained for everyone using these heaters:

  1. The latest model is preferred to be purchased which has the in built safety features and the laboratory label.
  2. One should choose a heater with thermostatically control as they do not overheat a room and waste energy.
  3. Select the heaters with proper size that is is suitable for your room. Oversized heaters are not advised to buy due to the issue with placement and sizing tables.
  4. Put the heater on a place which is far away from foot traffic. And also keep children away so that everything should be kept safe.

These space heaters are further categorized into two portable heaters types i.e. vented and unvented heaters.

Unvented heaters

portable heaters

Unvented heaters are the ones which are used and are not preferred to be used ate home; because they emit unwanted combustion products which includes the carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and water vapors; which have harmful effect in the area around. Many countries have banned the use of these heaters, such as kerosene portable heaters at homes; and also many countries have banned the use of natural gas heaters as well.

Vented heaters

portable heaters

Vented heaters are installed mostly next to the wall of the room; so that the vents can be installed directly opposite the walls to the exterior of the rooms or the spaces outside.

Sealed heaters

portable heaters

They are much safer to operate than the other two types of heaters; as they do not take the heated air out of the room towards the exterior portions; and they also do not draw the air from outside making the internal air disturbed.

Electric Space Heaters

portable heaters

Electric space heaters are mostly a lot more costly portable heaters to operate than the other space heaters. However, the only unvented heaters which are safe to work inside the homes. On the other hand, they do not provide the quality concerns as they are used with care to remain unharmed with fire hazards. It uses a heat transfer liquid as oil which is heated through the electric element present inside the heater. Later on, they allow the heat to be stored and cycle less so that more constant heat source should be provided.

Guidelines for Electric Space Heaters

These are the instructions to be followed when electric space heater is installed at your place to enable safety.

  1. Electric heaters must be switched to the wall having the electric supply plug. The extension cord could be used but in case of necessity, but the preferred is the shortest cord or wire. The heavy duty cord of 14 gauge can work best.
  2. One should always follow the instructions on the heater and the extension cords.
  3. The tip over safety switches are advised to be used which automatically shuts down the heater if the unit is tipped over.

Panamalar Smart space heater

The pana malar space heater can make everyone warm whenever it is needed. It have an adjustable thermostat which adds comfort to the heat provided to your home; and offices or whatever place is needed to be warmed. When this heater is compared to the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant the; we realizes that panamalar smart space heaters is capable to respond to the voice of the person and also can be controlled so easily.

Moreover, it comes with a wireless remote control app which is regulated through the smart phone. It is beneficial when a person wants to keep a room warm before their arrival. They can easily turn on the portable heaters from smartphone and get a hot room when they return back from chilling outside.

Also, the timer option can automatically get your heater shut off when you set the time on it for your convenience in sleep or work; and when a person is not present at home or have left in on leaving the home. Apart from that, the levels of functions could be reduced or increased to regulate the power consumption and the heating costs.

These heaters can be taken from one place to another due to its compact size; and the hand leather strap to hold it easily when carried out. The non slip rubber pads are placed below the surface to keep the heater on place without the danger of moving and falling down from tables.

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Portable heaters are the ones which can be used in homes and areas where large extension cables are not readily available; to make them fit in a specific area. They can be moved here and there whenever needed. However, their output is not that...Best Portable Heaters