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Best Mask for Protection against Corona Virus

By Health Expert:

Every human, living being, man woman and child has the right to live a healthy life. Although being healthy is more dependent upon our lifestyle, how we live, what we eat, where we go to etc. But it also depends upon how we protect ourselves. As the world is growing, so are diseases and viruses. And every year, Hollywood reminds us that zombies are going to be a real thing in future. The recent outbreak of Corona Virus, reminded everyone, that how close we actually are to a global epidemic, and how fast things can actually change. However, with progress in science and technology, availability of Smart devices in our hands, no disease or virus is unstoppable. Same can be seen by how China has actually controlled the increasing number of patients which were in thousands to now under hundreds. This means that with smart care, spread of Corona virus can be cured.

How does Corona Virus spread?

Well, in general terms, Corona Virus is contagious. So we can get it from an infected person just like we can contract Flu or any other viral disease.

What should I do to avoid Corona Virus?

So the best form of protection is keeping your hands clean, not touching your nose or eyes without properly washing your hands, use hand sanitizer as much as possible and use disinfection wipes in your car/ bag etc. Last but the most important, protect what you breathe. Now, the last protection is only possible through application of a Face Mask. Especially in crowded places like busses, trains, theatres, markets, subways etc.

Face mask to wear for protection!

Now, in order to choose the best mask for protection, we need to understand that liquid particles and breath of infected person are actually the real carriers of Corona Virus. So if we stay more than a meter away from infected person, we are less likely to contract this disease. Secondly, surgical masks widely used by medical staff all around the globe are actually designed for protection against large droplets, splashes or sprays of bodily or other hazardous fluids as well as patient’s respiratory emissions. But, they don’t fit the users face seal requirement and have leakages around edges of mask when user inhales. Last and most hard hitting to the pocket, you have to change it after each patient encounter.

World Epidemic, needs Protection

As we know that, unfortunately, cure for Corona Virus is not yet available and will take at least a year for its complete quarantine even if cure gets available today, therefore, we have to prepare for the worst. That is, to have the best chance of avoiding Corona Virus for as long as possible, that too, the economical way.

In my research, I have found that N95 Respirator and VOGMASK are the best available masks in the market for protection against Corona Virus. Main reason for that is their ability to provide protection against small particles, fluids, droplets as well as the large ones, which the normal surgical mask does not provide. Secondly, they have a good face seal fitting which fits the user and passes the NIOSH requirements as per 42 CFR Part 84. Moreover, they filters 95% of breathable air and when properly fitted, minimal leakages occur around the edges of user once inhaled.

Now coming over to the economical aspect, they are slightly more costly then the normal surgical mask, but unlike the later, they may be used unless they become damaged or deformed, no longer forms effective seal, becomes wet or visibly dirty or when breathing becomes difficult, becomes contaminated with nasal or respiratory secretions of other bodily fluids. In simple words, you may use them longer, with more protection and minimal leakages unlike normal surgical masks which you may have to change 10 times a day.

protect your family against corona virus


We as learned and smart people, should know the best for ourselves and our families. Especially the elders and the kids who are the most effected due to Corona Virus. N95 Masks and VOGMASKs ticks all boxes of best economical protection against this virus and due to this reason are being recommended to be used by all major countries of the world. So, don’t be late, before it’s too late. Let’s hope that we find a cure for this disease fast. Till then, be safe!

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By Health Expert: Every human, living being, man woman and child has the right to live a healthy life. Although being healthy is more dependent upon our lifestyle, how we live, what we eat, where we go to etc. But it also depends upon how...Best Mask for Protection against Corona Virus