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Best LED Lighted Mirror by Hauschen


HAUSCHEN 32 x 40 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

You may not realize it, but your bathroom mirror is at the center of your day. In the morning, you use it for fixing your hair or applying makeup. When you come home on your lunch break, it’s how you check to make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth. At night, you wash your face and comb your hair in front of it. So, why do we settle for the standard bathroom mirror? The lighting never seems to be quite right, they are constantly fogging up, and their frames are always corroding. It’s time for a new kind of bathroom mirror. One that adjusts to its modern uses. The Häuschen LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror is one such device. I use the word “device,” because it is filled with the latest and greatest of mirror technology. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of all its features.

LED Lighted Mirror

Adjustable Lighting

The 32″ x 40″ LED lighted bathroom mirror contains the most modern technology possible. It offers multiple lighting choices that will allow you to customize your mirror to the ideal lighting for a particular use or time of day.



The first feature of the mirror’s lighting that you can customize is the brightness. Settings range from 20% to 100%. This allows the mirror to adjust to your current bathroom lighting or a particular activity. For example, you may already have overhead lighting in your bathroom. In that case, you might want a slightly dimmer mirror light set at 80%. Otherwise, images reflected in the mirror may not look the same in standard lighting. You could also choose to adjust your lighting to a lower setting for the morning. We’ve all experienced shockingly bright bathroom lights right when we wake up or even in the middle of the night. In the evening, reduced brightness can help ready your body for sleep.


The Häuschen mirror also allows you to adjust the warmth of your lighting. It has warmth settings ranging from 3000K to 5500K. This results in three lighting options; warm white light, neutral white light, and daylight. This is a huge bonus for anyone looking for a makeup mirror. You can adjust the lighting to help you see how your look will appear both inside and outside. It can also be helpful for those with light sensitivities or for winding down in the evening.

Touch screen - LED Lighted Mirror

Touch Screen

Both the warmth and the brightness of the mirror’s CRI 95 LED lights are adjusted using touch controls on the mirror itself. No more fussing with strange light switches! The easy-to-use interface requires only simple touch combinations to adjust the settings of your bathroom mirror.

Fog resistant

Fog Resistant

One of the most annoying facts about bathroom mirrors is that they fog up. Whether you’re running late in the morning, or you simply hate a smudged mirror, this fact can be very inconvenient. The Häuschen 32″ x 40″ LED lighted bathroom mirror features anti-fog technology that virtually eliminates this issue altogether. The composite materials of the mirror’s glass combine together to create a resistance to fog buildup. No more waiting to do your hair and makeup because your mirror fogged up from your morning shower!

Memory Settings

All of these great features may seem a bit overwhelming. You might be thinking that it would take a lot of effort and practice to constantly adjust the lighting to suit your changing needs. That’s why the makers of the Hauschen bathroom mirror included a brightness memory function. The last brightness that the mirror was set at is the brightness it will be the next time the light is turned on. This means that if you dim it in the evening, it will be dim for your morning routine.


Other Features

The Häuschen 32″ x 40″ LED lighted bathroom mirror has too many features to list in one place. Among these features are:

  • Uses 80% less energy than standard light bulbs

  • Easy instillation

  • Sleek, modern design

  • Can be hardwired or plugged in

  • Great price

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Häuschen 32″ x 40″ LED lighted bathroom mirror

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