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Best Healthy Snack Ideas

healthy snack ideas:

Snack is something that a person can not live without. No one can give up snacks and keep himself healthy. So the better idea is to choose some healthy snacks. This will keep you healthy as well as fit due to the fact that you will not feel hungry though out the day while remaining energized. On the opposite, the appetite for snacks and choosing unhealthy ones will make a person fat day by day. But choosing a snack can be really tricky, as not every snack will be good for your health.

In order to ease things up, Experts have accumulated some healthy snack ideas for Adults and Kids followed by some Healthy Lunch Ideas which are nutritious and full of energy. Oh! You little Tummy, get ready for something Yummy!

Healthy Snack Ideas for Adults



These are the best choice for snack as they prevent heart risks and cancers along with worst mental illnesses. Nevertheless they are high in fat and they also provide fulfilment effect. Some studies have also proved them beneficial in reducing weight. They provide fat which is healthy with portions of proteins and fiber. Hence, they do not need to be kept in refrigerator and are readily consumed in one go.

Red Bell Pepper with Guacamole

Red Bell Pepper with Guacamole

Red bell peppers are the best choice as snack due to attached benefits. They contain antioxidants and beta carotenes which are full of vitamin C. The bell pepper is recommended to be consumed with guacamole. It contains healthy fat which is also to be included in this snack to increase the nutritious value.

Greek Yogurt & Mixed Berries

Greek Yogurt & Mixed Berries

The Greek yogurt with mixed berries makes the delicious yet healthy nutrient dense snack. They contains high quantity of calcium and potassium with high portion of protein which makes it best fit for your diet. Add berries to it; making them the best source of antioxidant. Eat mixture of all the berries to get energy. When both are combinedly consumed, the value of energy increases manifolds.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Every one knows that an apple is the best choice of snack, making the new saying true, an apple a day keeps bad cholesterol away. Adding peanut butter to apple enhances its taste making them the best couple together. Apples improve health and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Whereas, Peanut butter also adds benefits for health as it regulates good cholesterol and reduces bad one from the body.

Dark Chocolate & Almonds

Healthy snack ideas - Dark Chocolate & Almonds

Dark chocolate with crunch on almonds is the most satisfying portable snack. It is rich in flavanols which are capable of reducing blood pressure and heart risks. On the other hand the almonds are monounsaturated fats which are healthy for heart and have a huge impact on controlling sugar levels of the body.

A piece of Fruit

Healthy snack ideas - A piece of Fruit

Healthy snacks should not be complicated with fancy stuff. A single piece of fruit can work well. They can be portable pieces of bananas, apples, grapes and oranges.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Healthy snack ideas - iled Eggs

Eggs contains full dietary nutrition. They can help in reducing weight as well. The proteins and vitamins in eggs can reduce the number of calories consumed and keep you full for much longer time.  

A piece of Cheese

Healthy snack ideas - A piece of Cheese

A best choice for fat lovers is to consume a cheese slice. Though, this slice is high in fat content; still, studies suggest that it reduces the risk of heart disease. Also, it reduces cravings per day with an additional benefit of regulating good and bad cholesterol levels.

Dried unsweetened Coconut

Healthy snack ideas - unsweetened Coconut

The coconut like all other fruits is the best choice for snack as it is portable and high in medium chain fats that increase the metabolisms; thus, inducing weight loss. It also improves the activity of brain by enhancing the impaired memory. The most beneficial coconut is the one which is unsweetened and having 185 calories in a single ounce.


Healthy snack ideas - Olives

The Mediterranean inhabitants consume a wide variety of olives as they are nutritious staples. They also contain healthy monosaturated fats and gives out powerful antioxidants such as oleuropein. Moreover, they also have the quality of reducing the inflammation, cancer and also the insulin resistance. According to research, the average sized 25 black or green olives contains 100 to 173 calories.

Spicy Avocado

Healthy snack ideas - Spicy Avocado

When healthy and delicious snack is searched online, the most found results are of avocados due to its satisfying effect on taste buds. They can also reduce bad cholesterol and also eliminates the risk of arthritis. They have the attached benefit of protecting the skin form the damages caused by the sun. The high levels of fiber and potassium with magnesium and monosaturated fat also provides extra benefits. If you want to enhance the taste, just sprinkle salt and pepper on it to get the savory filling snack.

Last night’s Leftovers

Healthy snack ideas - Last night’s Leftovers

Its also healthy to eat left over lunch or dinner food afterwards as a snack. Overnight, the taste gets deeply imbedded into the food. Thus, in this way a tasty dinner or lunch never is wasted. Just make sure to store it in the refrigerator in order to avoid spoiling it fast.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Healthy snacks for the kids are also important. Make your children happy with yummy yet healthy snacks given below.


Healthy snack ideas - yogurt

This is an excellent choice as far as kids are concerned. Yogurt is rich in proteins and calcium which helps developing bones of your kids and also have bacteria which is beneficial for their digestive system. Drizzle some honey on the yogurt to make it more tasty for your kids.


Healthy snack ideas - Popcorn

The popcorn are sometimes thought to provide the junk food effects but in reality these are whole grains. Avoid adding sugary toppings on it so that the healthy benefits of popcorn can be achieved. Sometimes, addition of butter and cheese also provide flavor to your popcorn resulting in kids loving it more.

Veggie Pita Pocket

Veggie Pita Pocket

Normally, parents finds it really hard for their kids to eat vegetables. They do not like them as they are saggy with no taste at all. Thus, you can make it flavory by spreading hummus on a wheat pita bread and then adding the raw veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and bell papers in the bread. This will let your child have a full package of vitamins and minerals in one go. 

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Lemon-Herb Rice Salad

n-Herb Rice Salad

Fresh herbs are the best choice for lunch such as mint, basils. It can add fresh burst of freshness to a simple salad.

Lightened-Up Stuffed Peppers

ightened-Up Stuffed Peppers

Lunch with peppers filled with beef and lentils adds nutritious value to your lunch. It’s the best choice for gluten-free food.

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healthy snack ideas: Snack is something that a person can not live without. No one can give up snacks and keep himself healthy. So the better idea is to choose some healthy snacks. This will keep you healthy as well as fit due to the...Best Healthy Snack Ideas