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Best Bathroom Sink Faucets Ideas

No longer just a basin and a mirror, the sink (Bathroom Sink Faucets) area has become a carefully orchestrated environment for grooming and personal care. Layouts with two sinks housed in one continuous vanity, in side-by-side alcoves, or matching configurations on opposite walls are a common sight. Some bathrooms also include a separate, smaller washbasin in the toilet compartment or makeup area.

Hence, Bathroom Sinks faucets have become design accents in their own right, a comparatively low-commitment way to add a bit of dash to an otherwise restrained design scheme. (If you later decide you don’t like the boldness, it’s a lot simpler to change a faucet than shower or tub surround). Therefore, here I will discuss some sink options (Avaibale on Amazon) and ideas which you may try implementing in your Bathroom for a refreshed look.

bathroom sink faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucets Options: New & Old

Sinks are available in a huge array of styles, shapes, materials, and finishes. You can make the sink stand out or blend its look with that of a period-style tub, shower, or toilet fixture. Whether for an antique or ultramodern design, some sink manufacturers can provide custom colors on special orders.


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Deck-mounted Sink

The vanity-bound fixture is still the most practical arrangement. You’ll find a wide selection of materials in deck-mounts: vitreous china, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, enameled cast iron, and enameled steel are most common. Fiberglass is lightweight and moderately priced but tends to scratch and dull.

bathroom sink faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Made with clay that’s poured into molds, fired in a kiln, and glazed, it is heavy, comes in many colors, and is easy to clean; it also resists scratches, chips, and stains. Enameled cast iron is more expensive and durable than vitreous china or enameled steel but is very heavy. An enameled steel surface is easy to clean and lighter and less expensive than vitreous china or enameled cast iron but also much less durable. Brass and copper sinks are strikingly elegant as accents. But they require zealous maintenance, so you may want to reserve them for powder rooms, guest baths, or other low-use areas for these Bathroom Faucets.

You also have a choice of mounting methods with various deck-mounted models. Self-rimming sinks with molded overlaps are supported by the edge of the countertop cutout; flush deck-mounted sinks have surrounding metal strips to hold the basin to the countertop; un-rimmed sinks are recessed under the countertop and held in place by metal clips.

bathroom sink faucets, inner mould

Integral-bowl Sink

A solid-surface countertop can be coupled with a molded, integral sink for a sleek, sculpted look. Sink color can either match the countertop or complement it; for example, you might choose a cream-colored sink below a granite-patterned counter. Edge-banding and other border options abound. Other integral sinks come in synthetic marble, vitreous china, and fiberglass. A countertop with an integral bowl has no joints, so installation and cleaning are easy. The one-piece molded unit sits on top of a vanity or cabinet; pre-drilled holes are part of the package.

bathroom sink faucets, stand

Pedestal Sink

These sinks are making a big comeback in a wide range of traditional and modern designs. Pedestal sinks typically of vitreous china, these elegant towers are easy to install and clean around; the pedestal usually hides the plumbing. Some models have old-style vanity legs. Pedestal sinks are typically among the highest-priced basins. Another disadvantage: there’s no storage space under the basin.

bathroom sink faucets, wall mounted

Wall-hung Sink

Like pedestals, wall-hung sinks are enjoying a contemporary revival. Materials and styling are along the same lines; in fact, some designs are available in either version. Wall-hung sinks come with hangers or angle brackets for support. Generally speaking, they are the least expensive and most compact sink options, and relatively easy to install. If you’re putting in a wall-hung model for the first time, plan to tear out part of the wall to add a support ledger.

bathroom sink faucets


The world of sink faucets is constantly changing, presenting new colors, shapes, styles, and accessories. Finishes include bold enamel, traditional brass, shiny chrome, soft pewter, and elegant gold. You can choose a showstopper in the boldest modern or most quaintly antique styling; coordinate with tub and shower fittings; or pick the same handles for all fixtures in the room. You can buy faucets with digital temperature readouts, scald proof models, and spouts that stop the flow when your hand is removed. How about a swiveling European faucet with an adjustable spray and a gum-massage attachment?

Sink faucets are available with single, center-set, or spread-fit controls. A single-control fitting has a combined faucet and lever or knob controlling water flow and temperature. A center-set control has separate hot and cold water controls and a faucet, all mounted on a base. A spread-fit control has separate hot and cold water controls and a faucet, independently mounted. Pop-up or plug stoppers are sold separately or with the faucet and water controls.

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Key Points to Remember for Selecting Bathroom Sink Faucets

Two questions to ask when evaluating clever, streamlined designs:

1. How well could you work the controls with soaped-up hands and sleep-bleared eyes?

2. How easy will it be to clean or maintain the installation?

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Whatever style you choose, most bathroom professionals agree that solid-brass construction is the best way to go. Ceramic- or nylon-disk designs are generally easier to maintain than older washer schemes. When you select your sink, be sure the holes in it will accommodate the type of faucet you plan to buy, as well as any additional accessories. Please leave comments below for any new ideas and keep visiting Social Tomatoes and our Blogs. Till next time, Take Care.

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