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The Best 3D House design App in the World

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In the olden times, whenever a home was to be built or interior of a room or office was to be changed, suggestions were invited from all family and friends with regards to what to make or replace, who to contact, how much should it cost etc. All out efforts and money was spent on it, with dedicated time. And most difficult task was its visualization, how will it look! Will it look good here, or over there. Will 2 small windows will be enough or we need just a big one. We humans, have this tendency to evaluate, and re-evaluate depending upon the amount of money we have in our pockets, the lesser the money, the more re-evaluations. And for most of us, lesser is the story. We, at times spend hours for just finding the right shoe, which is actually replaceable, so just imagine how much time we can put in for selecting and testing the right size of our rooms window or changing the flooring, which is probably going to last there forever. This has always been every middle class persons story. And in case of building a home, redesigning your room or changing the look of your backyard, the only option available to us before was to do it ourselves or get a paper drawing or a sketch, that too via spending a fortune by hiring services of an architect or interior designer.

3D House design App

How did I find Planner 5D?

When I bought a 2 rooms apartment, I had to buy new furniture for it. I had no idea where to look at. I searched online, contacted few professional designers, they proposed me hundreds of dollars worth services, which actually was consuming half of my savings. Thus, I looked more on web and found few websites, but it was really hard to choose what to buy and how will it look mainly due to my limited budget. There I stumbled upon Planner 5D.

5D Planner

Just to let You know!

Planner 5D is an android application which is also compatible on Computer. Here, I was able to design my entire apartment as per its exact measurements and I was able to put everything in it whether it was a socket or a lamp, window or a bed, home appliances or even my pet. And not just in 2D, but 3D. Here, I can actually design floor plan in 2D as well as in 3D. Moreover, I also had the liberty to actually visit my imaginative apartment, assess everything that I have put in there by practically using my VR Glasses. It just looks so real. So I bought its 1 Year subscription for less than 2 $ which gave me full access to the application. So unreal to be true, but it is.

3D House design App

User Friendly on PC & Phone

The best thing about Planner 5D is that it is very user friendly. I am not a computer geek but it just took me few minutes to figure out how to use it, that too on my phone. Thetutorial video was very helpful and within no time I was designing my own apartment. Its as simple as drag and drop, adjust, resize and bingo. Your home is ready. Moreover, there are so many tutorial videos also available on Youtube regarding Planner 5D which are very helpful for exactly getting what you want. Just imagine, I have never had to use their customers service even once. Its just that simple and easy.

3D House design App

I tried Everything!

Meanwhile, I also tried learning Sketchup, a very famous 3D interior designing application for Computers and has a viewing app only android. But, it got very complicated there, as basic diagrams are to be made first in AutoCAD (which is another professional application for designing) imported to Sketchup and then you will be able to make a 3D model of your apartment. However, in Planner 5D you can do both, together, in just one application. Moreover, Sketchup is only available in ‘viewing’ mode in Google Play store for android phones and does bot support actual designing, while Planner 5D works at both Phone and Computer. I also tried Sketch Me, Home Draw and Home By Me. These are all similar but definite edge Planner 5D has over these is its Android and iOS phones compatibility/ operability.

Famous 3D interior


Since learning Planner 5D, I have never looked back. I have designed 3D models of double storey homes, offices, stores and even backyards for my friends, colleagues and even for my Bosses. It actually got me a new identity among the people I live in. Interior designing, that too in 3D, has finally been simplified by Planner 5D.

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Thus, Planner 5D not only saved me money, but actually made me some. I just wonder how much wonders can learned Interior designers and Architects do from Planner 5D. It can help them enormously for portraying their great ideas into a 3D reality in no time; And how satisfied their clients will feel at actually viewing their hard earned future investment in which they can do necessary amendments and corrections too.  To conclude, Planner 5D is the best 3D real estate and home designing application available on both android/ iOS and Computer; which is as friendly for professionals as it is for rookies.

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By Graphics Expert: 3dhouse In the olden times, whenever a home was to be built or interior of a room or office was to be changed, suggestions were invited from all family and friends with regards to what to make or replace, who to contact, how...The Best 3D House design App in the World