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How to do eFax? Benefits & Use

In this digital world, which is becoming more global with every passing day, the continuous ascension of technology has proved that anything can be rebooted and digitalized to suit the new world’s demand. Mario, Pokémon, and several other such digitalization’s are the best proof of it.Faxing has also taken to digitalization and sending fax online has never been so easy. Fax machines after being rendered useless by technology got a facelift from this technology itself and were re-launched for the market that still thinks fax as a safer mode of organizational communication especially for government and official correspondences.

Virtual faxing also known as iFax or eFax, has changed the way faxes are exchanged between two people sitting in two different geographical locations, irrespective of line connections.

How to do eFax?

Overview of eFax

It is an open secret that Internet faxing is based on the utilization of paperless technology that eliminates the use of paper, hence, deducting the additional expense done for the procurement of paper as well as the machine. By using internet faxing businesses can exchange multiple faxes regardless of the location or device.Technological advancements have helped fax machines to be revived into an enterprise application.

eFax allows businesses to obtain an area code telephone number which is linked to their business email address allowing the businesses to retain their business number and manage the mobile business at the same time.Here, we have talked about technological advancements and one such advancement has been achieved in the field of app development. Various companies are dedicated to developing Fax apps for businesses. eFax is one of the best fax apps to send a fax from the phone.These mobile fax apps fuse the abilities of a fax machine into smartphones allowing businesses to go mobile with their “Fax Machine”.

How to do eFax?

How does eFax, iFax or Online Fax helps Business?

Online fax services can be bought by businesses anywhere from $5 to $50 per month while buying a fax machine itself will cost you around $300.Add on the cost of procuring ink, paper, toner, machine maintenance, phone lines, and the replacement parts. Both large and small businesses can save loads of money from internet faxing. Here, I would also like to mention that user-defined signatures can be added to the fax that is exchanged between organizations, legal entities, etc. Therefore, online fax increases organizational productivity as you can organize, label, and categorize your faxes using the online filing system.

How to do eFax?


Online faxing is also more secure because of its built-in encryption. All major online fax services providers use OpenSSL or similar encryption systems to lock down your data and protect your information. If you are looking for a fast efficient and secure way for developing a fax app you are reading the correct blog. For more information and to get free advice on the same, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at [email protected] Or you can also check the Free, Reliable App from Amazon at the provided link below. Till then, stay safe and healthy.

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