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Apple AirPods Max Review

Apple Air Pods Max Review:

Apple AirPods Max is the first full-size wireless headphones EPL. Some rumor said that this will be launched in July, but everything was delayed a little and the headset was shown in December. It has got top-end software, active noise cancellation technology as well as transparent mode. It features an aluminum mesh headband, soft memory foam ear cushions, and Apple Watch-style controls. But what immediately repels it is the high price and its heavy weight (384.4 grams). So, let’s look about everything in Apple AirPods Max in more detail.

Apple AirPods Max Specifications

apple airpods max

Everything is very cool in Apple AirPods Max:

  • Dynamic driver developed by Apple
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparent mode
  • Adaptive equalizer
  • Spatial audio and dynamic head tracking function
  • 9 special sensors (two optical, two accelerometers, one gyroscope, two-position sensors, two case detection sensors )
  • 10 microphones
  • Two Apple H1 chips at once
  • Control via Digital Crown (like in Apple WATCH)

Apple AirPods Max lasts up to 20 hours between charges and require two hours to fully charge through the Lightning cable. Although, as in the latest iPhones of the company, the power adapter USB is not included.

Apple AirPods Max design Features

Manufacturing Materials

Apple AirPods Max full-size headset has a head-mounted type. It is made of stainless steel and covered with a pleasant to the touch foam material. The cups are also covered and made of anodized aluminum. The arms are made of steel as well.

Convenience & Comfort

apple airpods max

The Apple AirPods Max arms can be easily moved apart and fixed in the desired position, so they do not have to be constantly corrected. Apple claims they used a revolutionary magnetic cup-to-headband mechanism that balances and distributes pressure to the ear. It allows the earcups to pivot independently of each other to fit the shape of the head. For the manufacture of ear pads, Apple used acoustically optimized memory foam which are attached to the headphones using magnets.

Automatic withdrawal detection

Apple AirPods Max understands when they are on the user’s head. For this, optical and position sensors are installed. When the user removes it from the head or simply lifts it, it automatically pauses playback.

Five Colors

apple airpods max

The variety of colors in Apple AirPods Max will envy both AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. The Max version received five colors:

  • Silver.
  • Gray Space.
  • Blue sky.
  • Pink.
  • Green.

This is the case where there is definitely an option for everyone.

Technical Specifications

The Apple AirPods Max features 40mm, dynamic drivers, with dual neodymium ring magnets. This approach allows to get less than 1% of sound distortion. However, this is a standard indicator for most headphones on the market and is not that surprising. Apple promises rich, deep bass and crisp highs.

The headphones have not one, but two Apple H1 chips – one in each cup. They guarantee the stable operation of noise suppression technology and transparent mode (when you can hear what is happening around you). There is also surround audio technology for surround sound. The Pro version has all this, but the adaptive equalizer has become an interesting feature of the Max. It reacts to the tight fit of the headset to the ears and adjusts the sound parameters accordingly. This is done using a measurement signal.

The headphones work only in wireless mode, connect to a smartphone or computer. And without recharging, they should work for 20 hours with noise canceling on. For charging, a Lightning connector is used.

How does Active Noise Canceling work?

For the active noise canceling, as many as eight microphones are used:

  • Six microphones (three in each earpiece) pick up ambient noise.
  • Two microphones (one in each earpiece) analyze the sound the user hears.

External microphones analyze ambient noise and suppress it with sound back wave (a kind of anti-noise), while internal microphones remove residual noise. There is another ninth microphone, which is designed for voice recognition.

There is also a transparency mode, which is the exact opposite of the noise-canceling mode. You will hear everything that is happening around you.

Cleverly Simple

AirPods Max features the same wireless and control technology as other AirPods. From the first set-up to Siri shortcuts, you have sound with you anytime, anywhere.

One-touch Setting

AirPods Max instantly connects to your iPhone or iPad. You just need to bring the headphones to the device and touch the connect button on its display.

Instant Switching

When using headphones, you can immediately switch between iPad, iPhone, and Mac. If you receive a call on your iPhone and you are listening to music from your computer. AirPods Max will automatically pick up the conversation.

Sharing Audio

Apple AirPods Max can stream audio from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV to two pairs of AirPods at once. Just bring any model of AirPods to the device you want to connect with one tap.

Package Contents:

Smart Case & Adapters

apple airpods max

The headphones come with a Lightning to Type-C adapter. So you can listen to music from your iPhone as well. The kit does not include a 3.5 mm cable for connecting to devices with such a connector.

The kit includes a Smart Case, in which Apple AirPods Max goes into power-saving mode to keep the charge longer. This case does not have a protective function and does not protect against mechanical damage, so it is better to choose another case for transportation. For ease of control (adjust the volume, switch tracks, call Siri), the Digital Crown is provided.


Judging by the characteristics, the headset turned out to be of high quality, but how it sounds will be clear only in practice. But whether it is worth the money, because for $ 549 you can buy a pair of good Sony ears.

True, Apple fans are so confident in the quality of the headset that in the USA the first batch was sold out in a day. I do not know whether there will be the same excitement in other countries. But let’s say that the pre-order for AirPods Max has already started. If you want to be one of the first owners of Apple’s full-size headset, buy apple AirPods max from Amazon now.

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Apple Air Pods Max Review: Apple AirPods Max is the first full-size wireless headphones EPL. Some rumor said that this will be launched in July, but everything was delayed a little and the headset was shown in December. It has got top-end software, active noise...Apple AirPods Max Review