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AmazFit X – The Amazing SmartWatch & health Band

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AmazFit x – The Amazing Smart Watch + Health Band

Smartwatches are more than just a great fashion accessory that tells time. They have a combination of the functionalities of a traditional watch and a smartphone and more. Additionally, since most people have their watches on at most times of the day, they have proven to have significant implications on the lifestyle of their owners and even their health.

Smartwatches come with a wide range of functionalities, including step trackers, which help users to improve their health by monitoring their activity levels. You can also set up a sleep monitor on the watch, which allows you to track your sleeping hours, ensuring that you get enough rest in a day. While this feature isn’t a professional substitute for a sleep study, especially for individuals who are experiencing insomnia, it can help you to identify your sleep patterns and work on improving the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Smartwatches are also famous for the role they play at the gym or during home workouts. Most of them have inbuilt apps that help to set and monitor fitness goals. You can also set workout reminders that help you to turn your fitness goals into good health habits and use the timer or stopwatch features to monitor your workout.

Despite all these benefits and functionalities, many people still find it hard to use smartwatches because of their small screens. Although they have many amazing inbuilt apps and features, performing simple tasks may require a significant amount of effort. Many people would prefer it if all these features and functionalities came with a big-screen watch that is much more user friendly.

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The Only Curved Dual Purpose Watch

The Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is built with the newest tech and a stylish design to ensure clarity and smooth functionality. It has a 400 NIT high-brightness and a 326 PPI HD resolution for a clear display. It is also designed in a way that it fits your wrist precisely, even when you are engaging in movement and activities in the gym and around the office or house. It is also designed to ensure maximal comfort even as you sleep.

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Curved Display

With its fantastic design, the Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch makes scrolling through endless menus to get to your preferred functionality a thing of the past. Its large screen enables you to see more of what you need at a glance. It has a [email protected] curved display, which gives more room for the apps that you use to organize your day and track your health. Additionally, the watch is made of a titanium alloy in-body, which makes it an extremely lightweight and super sleek fashion accessory.

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Perfect Combo of Health band & Smartwatch

In addition to its extra-wide curved display, the Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch applies a continuous heart rate monitoring system to monitor your health and help you to reach your fitness goals. It is also equipped with a lithium battery that can last up to 7 days, so you do not have to worry about technical hitches while at the gym. The watch has the power to get you through the week, even when you are working round-the-clock.

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Unique Design

The Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is also a fantastic fit for those who are looking to add a uniquely designed smartwatch to suit their style. Just like your phone, the watch is button-free. Its minimalistic design does away with crowns and buttons that are bulky and can also dig into your wrist. Instead of buttons, the watch has a pressure-sensitive sensor that you can use to access any functionality with a single press of your finger.

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Smart, Smart Watch

The watch also serves the functionality of a regular smartwatch through its double GPS system. It is equipped with two of the world’s top-ranking Geo-tracking systems; GLONASS and GPS. The two systems work hand in hand to ensure effectiveness, and they can help you navigate all of life’s corners, even when you are traveling abroad.

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For both Sports Men & Women

Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is a favorite for many sportspeople and gym-goers because it is equipped with nine versatile sports models. The watch is waterproof, and it can help you monitor your progress during workouts, whether you are heavy-lifting at the gym, or swimming.

Price point

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Price point

The Amazefit X Curved Smartwatch is a state of the art technology that combines all the functionalities of a heath-band and a smartwatch. It has additional features such as monitoring your stress levels and measuring blood oxygen levels. It retails at a wide range of prices, from $169 to $358.


The amazing experience of the Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch awaits you. The watch comes at a great price, considering all of the smartwatch capabilities and health tracking benefits that it has to offer. You can choose from any of the available chic designs that can suit your personality and style, the holiday spirit, or the season.

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