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9 Of The Best Free Movie Download Sites For 2024

The streaming age has had its drawbacks. You may watch your favorite movies and TV episodes without leaving the sofa or working out. However, streaming at high rates and HD quality is short-term. To replay, you must be online and log in to your streaming service.

If you know which websites to visit, you may store movies to view offline. These sites include plenty of stuff from several genres with subtitles so everyone can enjoy them. With apps for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, they are legal and produce high-quality HD video.

This article examines the top free movie download sites. While being suspicious about free-to-use sites is understandable, we only identified the ones with the fewest adware and malware threats. 

9 Best Free Movie Download Sites 

1. Public Domain Torrents

We’ve learned from years of study that copyright rules are complicated and may cost millions. Torrents are famous for breaching international copyright rules, but there are legal ways to download them.

Public Domain Torrents, which only sells public domain movies, is notable. An original copyright holder fails to renew their claim after a particular term.

Classic movies from numerous genres are available on Public Domain Torrents. The site is easy to use—just choose a category and browse. Most movies have various quality and format options.

2. Hulu

Hulu, another major streaming provider, offers safe and secure offline downloading with many subscriptions. Five devices may have 25 active downloads each. The download function isn’t accessible on ad-supported Hulu. Like Netflix and Prime Video, not all movies and series are downloadable. Premium add-ons and Live TV on-demand are banned.

Downloading movies and shows requires the Hulu app for iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire TV. Select Downloads from the menu. Tap See What’s Downloadable to see what movies and series can be watched offline. Tap the Details page Download button to download a movie. After tapping Episodes, touch the Download button next to the episode description to download an episode.

You have 48 hours to complete a movie or episode on Hulu, and unwatched downloads are deleted after 30 days. To renew invalid downloads, press Downloads > the alert icon > Renew Download. 

3. Download-anymovies

Download-anymovies is a great service for free movie downloads with a large database. All movies supported by this site are available for download. 720p or 1080p HD movies are available. Movie downloads don’t need a premium account.

Selecting the category/genre or release year (2022, 2021, 2020, etc.) can help you track your favorite movie. To download Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Chinese movies, put in the corresponding keywords and Download-anymovies will display all relevant movies. File format and quality are available on the movie page.

After selecting your favorites, you can easily download the movies for free. Find the movies you wish to download > on the movie page, there are numerous download links > pick one and follow the instructions to get FREE movies. 

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is always a great YouTube alternative with engaging videos. Independent filmmakers who sell their films on it like it. Vimeo provides HD and 4K video streaming with a simple UI. Finding highly fascinating titles requires some painstaking labor.

Vimeo, one of the top free video download sites, also offers a membership. This account lets you watch paid TV and movies. If you prefer independent movies and are ready to invest some money, try this service.

5. Netflix

Netflix and other streaming services allow paying users to download movies and series for offline watching, but with a catch: You cannot download the movie on your device since these offline downloads are only “offline” in the platform’s mobile or desktop app.

Other Netflix download restrictions apply. Ad-supported Netflix limits offline movie and show downloads to 15 per device per month. As many devices as your subscription enables, ad-free customers may have 100 active downloads per device. Some films and TV series may only be downloaded once a year, while others are immediately erased after a week.

After covering all that, we may compliment Netflix for its great movie and TV collection. You can even filter search results for downloadable titles. After downloading a movie, go to your Netflix downloads page, locate it, and press Play.

We also like Netflix’s download automation. Smart Downloads adds fresh episodes and suggested stuff to your download queue when activated. Even download quality may be adjusted (only with the Netflix app on iOS and Android). 

6. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is great for free legal movies and TV series. Its not-for-profit digital library has a large collection of books, photos, audio files, retro games, and videos.

Their data center holds surprising amounts of data. Digitized materials exceed 60 petabytes. Over 15 million audio files, 11.6 million video files, 4.7 million photos, and 251,000 concerts are in the collection.

Scholars, academics, and the public benefit from its wide variety of information, including books, photographs, audio files, and software. 

7. YouTube

We hope you know YouTube isn’t only for hilarious videos. A long number of networks offer public domain movie collections. Some networks provide a mix of everything. Paramount movies are shown on The Paramount Vault, among other networks.

You may view movies on YouTube’s website or app on iOS or Android. This Web-service is about streaming, however, you may utilize third-party download programs to view vintage movies and TV series offline. Before downloading any video, check sure it’s a public domain file to avoid infringing international laws. Despite appearances, YouTube is one of the top free movie download sites. 

8. Disney+

Another wonderful streaming site with a download option is Disney+, a site of Mickey Mouse, Boba Fett, and Homer Simpson. But, can you handle the disclaimers? No worries—there aren’t many.

Disney+ Basic members cannot download for offline watching like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu. To use this function, you need Disney+ Premium, Disney Bundle Trio Premium, or Legacy Disney Bundle. Hulu subscribers with a connected standalone subscription to Disney+ (or a Disney Bundle subscriber) may also download select Hulu (No Ads) movies and series for offline watching.

To download a movie or program, use the Disney+ app on iOS or Android. To download, press Download on the Details screen after finding the title. Disney+ offline downloads let you save infinite material on up to 10 devices, which we enjoy. Downloads from inactive Disney+ accounts are deleted after 30 days, so log in once or twice a month.

9. Mubi

An interesting option for independent, international, and arthouse film viewers. Mubi subscribers may watch over 800 films for $11 per month or $96 yearly. You’ll need the Mubi mobile app to download several of these titles for offline watching.

To download a movie, choose the title and press the Download button on the Details page (under the video player). Your Offline Films dashboard stores downloaded movies. You may pick the download quality of offline films on Mubi.

Mubi is more than a streamer and download center if you appreciate discussing your film tastes. As a film enthusiast community forum, discuss, argue, and criticize away!


This guide to the top 9 free movie download websites concludes. Many more websites exist, but you may download your favorite movies from these. Adblocker is recommended for all these websites’ advertising. To download your favorite movies, the website must accept adblockers; otherwise, you must deactivate them.

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