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7 Anti-aging tips on How to look 10 years Younger

We are used to thinking that our beauty and age are supported by various cosmetic products – creams, masks, and serums that smooth wrinkles and are termed Anti Aging. The decorative cosmetics allow you to get rid of a couple of years from your face with the help of competent makeup. Experts have put together 7 useful tips to help you master the art of anti-aging and look younger.

In the meantime, how young we look depends on how and what we dress. The dream of any woman is to look 10 years younger, and this is quite feasible. Well-chosen clothes, Makeup, shoes, bags, and Accessories can help you look much younger than you are. How does it work?


Choose the right Make-up products:

Lady over 50 makeup

To have a radiant appearance, it is important to know how to enhance yourself with Make-up, but not all products are the same. Over 50s should choose the tricks to use with greater care and prefer those with ultra-moisturizing formulas that do not “tighten” and do not dry out the skin. A good Make-up base is even better if with a glowy effect, is essential to have a fresh and young face.

Foundation and eye caps should always be a tone or two darker than your skin type; to open your eyes, it is good to always use the eyelash curler before applying mascara and prefer shimmer eyeshadows to matte ones, because they give light to the face. The eyebrows must be “filled in” well, with a pencil of the right shade which helps to obtain a very natural effect. As for the lips, to define the shape well, it is better to use a soft pencil and then complete the make-up with a touch of lipstick!

What Clothes to wear?

anti aging how to look younger

Wear clothes that fit your body perfectly:

Nothing will save your look if your clothes don’t fit well. An inappropriate cut of things, moreover, can visually add an extra ten years to you. So, make a tailor your best friend and refer to him every time the clothes don’t fit well on you; he will quickly fix it.

Even if you wear the most fashionable and expensive clothes, you will not look young and attractive in them if it does not fit you well and does not fit your figure. Therefore, choose clothes that fit you perfectly, or take your favorite things to a tailor to hem them for you.

Choose the right color:

Try to dress in light, not very bright colors. The ensemble should consist of basic tones. And nevertheless, feel free to dilute it with multi-colored things (shoes, scarf, bag, jewelry, etc.) that will not look too large.


Many women believe that the skirt should become longer with age, but this is a misconception. On the contrary, maxi or midi in some silhouettes can make a young lady five or ten years old. How to dress at 50 to look younger than many of your peers? The best option for skirts is 5 cm to or from the knee, taking into account the slenderness and shape of the legs. To determine your length, go to the mirror, take a large scarf and cover your legs; so that the thinnest part of them is exposed. It will be the ideal length for a skirt or dress.


anti aging how to look younger

How to dress to look younger when you’re in your 50s? To be stylish at this age, bags, and shoes for women will not be enough. You need to replenish your wardrobe with accessories. Belts, scarves, shawls, fashionable jewelry, and modern hats will help you out. All this will concisely complete your look and reduce your age.

To look fashionable and young, wear bright accessories of different styles and interesting separately. For example, pair gold hoop earrings with a leather bracelet and square Gucci sunglasses. For example, a Jennifer Lopez-style look is guaranteed!

Wear suitable footwear:

Women over 50 shoes

Much depends on shoes and on other accessories – including how attractive and young you will look. It is hardly worth reminding that worn-out and sloppy shoes will only spoil the impression of you. And shoes of an outdated style will make the image cheaper and make you old. Therefore, when choosing shoes, always consider a few key criteria. Shoes must be neat and clean, modern and stylish, and comfortable enough not to cause you discomfort.

We, therefore, abandon very high heels perhaps with uncomfortable plateaus, and prefer comfort-style shoes but no less stylish, such as pointed ballet flats, moccasins, brogues, mary jane, and so on. There are a thousand models for all tastes. And for those who do not suffer from sore feet or hallux valgus, green light for medium or high heels and timeless models.

What hairstyles best suit women over 50?

women over 50 hairstyle

Healthy hair shine is another important part of your youthful and healthy look. If the strands look dull and lifeless, you immediately “add” a couple of years, but when they glow, then the skin looks healthier and fresher. To achieve shine, it is important to remember several important points at once. Firstly, always finish washing your hair with slightly cool water to smooth the hair cuticle. Secondly, do not neglect to nourish and regenerating masks; Thirdly, use an oil selected according to hair type; And finally, buy yourself a top gloss spray and apply it to your hair every time you finish styling.


We adopt a modern and riddle combing of vital importance to look younger is the haircut we choose. After a certain age, it is better to turn to short or medium-length hairstyles, with a scaled and jaunty cut, which a good hairdresser will be able to wisely create to give you greater freshness. Better to abandon cuts that are too rigid or heavier squared, such as the even yoke, the straight and full bangs, hairstyles that are too long, more suitable for young girls, and with a face without any flaws. The range of hairstyles at our disposal is very wide, don’t worry. To choose the most suitable one, it is necessary to consider the shape of your face and its peculiarities; by an image consultant or hairdresser expert.

What Bags to have?

anti aging how to look younger

A beautiful vintage bag or with retro lines, for example, could be for you. A satchel (the bag with a satchel model) in solid color eco-leather, a handbag with an old-fashioned metal rigid closure, or a colored trunk.

Get rid of the bags under your eyes

over 500 eye bags

The bags under the eyes are the clue that marks the perennially busy and tired women. A sign that science, women, and the rest of the world at the same time consider the cause of what makes them seem less attractive.

The first thing to avoid is fluid retention which is one of the main causes of bags under the eyes. When you sleep, lying in a perfectly horizontal position, the fluid can accumulate under the eyelids giving the characteristic swelling. Positioning the head higher by adding a pillow helps prevent this phenomenon because it allows the fluid to flow away.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties. To use, apply the aloe vera gel under the eyes, massage and leave it for 10 minutes, then rub with a clean cloth. It is a method that can also be effective at removing dark circles.

Use a skin cream around the eyes in the morning, even in the morning. In the evening, after removing make-up, applying the cream can improve edema.



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We are used to thinking that our beauty and age are supported by various cosmetic products - creams, masks, and serums that smooth wrinkles and are termed Anti Aging. The decorative cosmetics allow you to get rid of a couple of years from your...7 Anti-aging tips on How to look 10 years Younger