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3 Easy Ways to Figure out Your Skin Type

It is now the era of self-care and one of the most important things you need to know about yourself is your skin type. It is the most basic and a lot of information depends on this thing. 

Like what kind of product you are going to use, what ingredient will react on you, and most importantly what kind of product will work well on yours? So that is a lot of information and we are not going to waste your time. Moving on to the best part.

Figure out Your Skin

What are the skin types? :

Not every epidermis behaves equally. Some are oilier and some are drier. Some are prone to acne others are more reactive. And not one product is going to work for you in the best way. Skin type is the categorization of the epidermis depending on the behavior of the epidermis. To save you from different technical issues of our epidermises, we had to do this category and it is a lifesaver.

What are the skin types :

There are mostly four of them. But the epidermis layer is a very versatile thing. It will not act as the single one of them. Instead, it will show multiple personalities. Also, a lot of things contribute to the behavior of our epidermis. Those can be weather, the salinity of water and so many things. Now we are going to break down different skin categories.

  • Dry:

It is an obvious one. So many people deal with dryness but that can be for any other reason. A dry-skinned person is by nature dehydrated. Using some products can only tackle the dryness but cannot cure it in the long run. If yours appears tight, right after washing and using soap. Yours is dehydrated. But telling that is not so easy because the weather can contribute a lot to it. 

  • Oily:

It is a really a champ one because everyone knows about it very well.  Most of the visible epidermal issues are dealt with by oily-skinned people.  If you notice there is a prominent amount of oil on your face just after washing it. That might be that person.

Figure out Your Skin

Again it can be a lot of things but not your epidermis.  But generally oily ones have an excess amount of oil on the face and they usually deal with a lot of acne.

  • Combination:

It is a combo of both oily and dehydrated ones. Some area of the face is greasy and some area is dull. For me, this epidermis category is technical. Because, if the person follows an oily skincare regimen that can make the other part of the face dry, and vice versa. So these sets of people have to be very calculative.

  • Sensitive:

The most difficult category in my opinion. The category goes by its name. It is sensitive. No matter what you put on your face it is going to react. Even the natural material can cause breakouts. A person has to be careful with this category of epidermal behavior because if there is a reaction there is going to be a problem.

3 Ways to determine your skin type:

If you are a confused soul what if your category is dehydrated or greasy and you cannot decide we have just the right solution for you. There are a lot of ways that you can determine what skin types you can have.  But we will be discussing the most potent ones that are easy and you can do by yourself.

  • Be the observer:

You can simply decide your category by observing your epidermal behavior without using any product on the face. Observe your face for a whole day and note some important topics. Like the oil secretion from the pores, the dryness, and the condition of any infection. After a day, analyzes those topics. Like you had a lot of oil all over your face, and you don’t feel tight at all, mostly you have acne or had acne all your life.

You are most probably an oily exterior. If you felt tight mostly and you never had acne you are a dry-skinned person. If you have a greasy t-zone and mostly have acne on the nose you are a combination category and lastly, if you get irritated easily and nothing suits you, then my friend you are a sensitive category.

  • Wash and wait:

Figure out Your Skin

For this method, you have to wash your face with regular soap and then pat dry yourself. Now, wait for an hour. After an hour observe your face. What do you see? It is too much oily or dry. Or you have a balanced amount of those. Categorize your epidermis according to these behaviors. Like if it is too dry then you are a dry skin type. If it is too much oil then you are oily and also if you have a combination of those you have a combination epidermis situation.

  • The blotting paper method:

It is the most instant and easy way to determine whether you have oily or dehydrated skin. Hold a blotting paper on the forehead or nostril area of your face. If you notice that the paper has picked up a lot of oil then you are oily skinned and if there s little to no oil then you are dry.

Why is it important to know the type? 

It is a very common question but important indeed. Why it is important. Let me answer that. Imagine you have an oily face. But you don’t care about that. You want to play around with your skincare routine. As the other skin types have less pore and oil than you, that product will surely clog up your pores. And we know what the other name for clogged pores is. It is acne. And if you keep using that stuff you can face severe infection. And that also goes for any other epidermis categories. That is why knowing what category you are in, is very important.

Final thoughts:

Our veneer is the biggest organ of our body. But often we neglect it with our ruined habits. Skincare is the major part of a glowing up. If you want to look your best you have to take care of the outer surface of the body.  And for that, you have to know your skin type. Because in the long run, you have to care for yourself, not others.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

How to correctly identify your skin type?

 Identifying your category is easy. You just have to observe yourself for some time. If it is too oily, too dry, or too reactive. And thus you have to make sure of your type. And also you can take expert help. They can both determine the category and set you up for a regimen at the same time.

What are the types of skin?

The types are oily, dry, normal sensitive, and combination types. But not necessarily one has to be a specific category. One can be a combination of two or more categories. They have to take care of themselves according to that.

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