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15 Male Celebrities With Ugly Noses

Men always need to show themselves properly to be taken seriously in society, as far back as We can remember. Men face nearly as much pressure to look well as women do.

Can you imagine how much pressure male superstars feel if average guys experience as much pressure? However, nearly none of them started off looking this good. Here’s a list of 15 male celebrities with ugly noses that you probably didn’t know about:

Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise is an American actor and director who began his career at 19. He has received three Academy Award nominations and three Golden Globe Awards throughout his career.

Before rhinoplasty, his nose was a subject of everything that could go wrong with a nose. It was large, with a long tip and a broad base. His nose looked considerably more attractive and pointy after surgery.

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Michael Jackson:

The guy who could do it all was Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. He was an actor, singer, composer, dancer, and record producer. Someone who plays all of these parts had to look nice, right? As a young star, his nose was too broad and lacked shape. His surgery significantly impacted his career, leaving him with a more organized and smaller nose.

Lance Bass:

Lance Bass, who was born and reared in Mississippi, came to prominence as the bass vocalist for the American boy band NSYNC. Lance was able to carve out a reputation for himself in the business as an American pop singer, film and television producer, dancer, actor, and book.

He now manages a music management enterprise in collaboration with Mercury Records. His nose needs to be changed, although it was just one part of his nose. The surgery slimmed down his nose and made him seem more attractive.

Patrick Dempsey:

Patrick Dempsey understands the importance of appearance as a racing car driver and actor. He began his career as a film actor while he was just in his early twenties. With such a thriving acting profession, looks are everything. Patrick had a broad nose with a lengthy tip, and he could remove it via surgery and still show his unique character.

Shia LaBeouf:

Shia found her first fame and young fans via her program on the Disney Channel, which went by the name Even Stevens. In 2001, he got a nomination for a Young Artist Award. In 2003, Shia was honored with a Daytime Emmy for her outstanding work.

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He has starred in other major films since then, skyrocketing to fame. Shia benefited greatly from rhinoplasty by helping him take the profession seriously with a more mature look. It gave his appearance more structure and professionalism due to the treatment.

Zac Efron:

With his attractive looks and charisma, Zac has significantly impacted the acting world. However, it did not come as quickly as everyone believed. Zac started performing professionally in the early 2000s and came to prominence as the lead in High School Musical. Later, he appeared in many hit films as a variety of characters.

His nose was broad and had a prominent tip before rhinoplasty surgery. It is now more organized, crisper, and much smaller. With a look like his, it’s only natural that all the females are chasing after him.

Bruce Jenner:

Bruce Jenner, an Olympic champion who has since retired, was dubbed the “All American Hero” due to his heroic reputation. More than ever, the spotlight was on him once he joined the Kardashian family as the renowned Kardashians’ stepfather.

He spent most of their on-screen time in the spotlight, where the image was their middle name. Rhinoplasty enabled him to reduce the size of his nose and achieve a picture-perfect appearance.

Ryan Seacrest:

It’s not simple to project an image that centers on being on television around the clock. This all-around radio broadcaster, producer, and television presenter has become a household name. He is best known for presenting the talent program and competition American Idol.

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Before his fame and money, his nose was broad in one part and narrowed in the other, resulting in a lack of proportion and structure. The rhinoplasty assisted him in gaining that structure and projecting the professional image required for success.

Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher is a well-known American actor, investor, and producer. However, he got his start in the industry as a model. Ashton started his career with the Fox series “That 70’s Show”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? His nose was severely crooked and had no shape before rhinoplasty. The process helps him in developing structure and form.

Ryan Gosling:

Few renowned actors began their careers as children, but Ryan Gosling accomplished it efficiently. He started his career as a young star on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. Ryan could grab the attention of a larger audience and position himself as a Hollywood star by playing the central part in The Notebook a few years later.

He has always had a charming demeanor, but his rhinoplasty greatly enhanced it. Ryan was afflicted by his vast, crooked, and broad nose. He corrected All of those flaws with rhinoplasty, which completed his appearance.

Robert Pattinson:

The part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was Robert’s first major break. He is still well-known as an English model, singer, producer, and actor. Later, he featured in the popular tween series The Twilight Saga. Since 2010, Robert has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most bankable and highest-paid performers.

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His physical appearance is crucial when portraying such a character, but his former nose was not helping things. He now has a substantially smaller nose and tip due to the surgery. He now seems much sharper, and his appearance as an English actor is complete.

Wayne Newton:

Wayne Newton is widely regarded as one of the best performers. Before surgery, his nose had a very long tip and was broader than it is today. The surgery undoubtedly improved his stage presence and gave him a more structured look.

Mickey Rourke:

Mickey, a former boxer turned professional actor and playwright, mostly appears as a starring guy in mystery, action, and dramatic films. His most significant career boost came in the 1980s when he starred as a leading actor in many films.

Mickey had a nose with a highly extended tip, eventually damaging his look. He became self-conscious. The operation alleviated his anxieties and improved the appearance of his nose.

Taylor Lautner:

Taylor Lautner, well known for his role in the Twilight Saga, is an American actor, model, and even a competent martial artist. With his attractiveness, he is continuously grabbing the attention of girls all around the globe. He is under tremendous pressure to keep it all together.

Taylor’s nose was incredibly vast and unappealing before his big debut. The treatment helped him by giving him a lot more composed form, size, and structure to complement his well-sculpted face.

Josh Hutcherson:

Someone who plays the main character in the Hunger Games series must look attractive, and it’s as easy as that. Josh began his career in 2002, performing in a few commercials and feature films. From 2012 through 2015, he appeared in The Hunger Games trilogy, with each picture released yearly.

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Before the operation, his nose was large, had a long tip, and lacked structure. He acquired shape after his rhinoplasty, which improved his image and enabled others to take him more seriously.


You can see that good looks aren’t inherent in everyone. Before their surgeries, all of these male celebrities had noses that were inappropriate for their profession. These guys must seem rough and flawless with all the public pressures on them.

If they wanted to break into the business, they needed rhinoplasty. Celebrities, however, aren’t the only ones who need to improve their look in the job market. Males worldwide are subjected to societal pressure to maintain the correct appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Best Nose Shape?

A nose regarded as ideal or perfect has a form that complements your other facial characteristics. The objective of face cosmetic surgery is never to change your appearance entirely but rather to improve your natural features with a nose that has a more harmonious form.

What Are The Vast Varieties Of Nose Sizes?

There are many sizes and shapes of noses. Noses are frequently classified as one of 13 different varieties, including Greek, Roman, Celestial, Nubian, and others. Some characteristics of each kind may not be regarded as ideal by people who live with them.

Is It Possible To Have The Ideal Nose?

There is no perfect nose, but there is an ideal nose that varies from person to person. As a result, there is no “ideal nose shape” that can balance and harmonize every face. Gender, age, ethnicity, skin type, and the shape of your face are all elements that will define your optimal nose shape.

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