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10 Life-Changing Movies To Watch When You’re Depressed

Are you depressed? Stay tuned with us. We’ll cover the ten life-changing movies for overcoming depression. If you’ve ever been depressed, you may think about what movies are ideal for watching in this scenario.

Here are a few Life-Changing Movies suggestions: Melancholia, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Good Place are a few examples. All of these movies have assisted individuals in dealing with challenging emotions. Watching them could make you feel better and help you get back on track. Alternatively, view the whole movie for a more positive perspective.

Is Watching Movies Good For Depression?

Medication and counseling are excellent depression therapies but are not the only strategies to improve your mood.

Doing activities you like might boost your mental health and general well-being. Whether you like listening to music, riding your bike, or watching movies, these leisure activities may enhance your happiness and mental health.

After the development of video home system (VHS) players, cinema and video therapy which involves viewing commercial movies or videos — became popular. Movies may help with a variety of mental health issues.

Boost Mood:

Watching a movie might make you feel better if you suffer from an anxiety illness or depression or are just nervous and bothered about work and family obligations. Movie-watching as entertainment may help alleviate depressive symptoms and boost mood.


Pleasurable activities and entertainment may give rest, relaxation, and renewing properties. It may be simpler than it seems to unwind by watching a movie. It could be a good idea to remove any unwanted disruptions from the movie.

Suppose you have problems disconnecting from work or other everyday pressures. Try keeping your phone and other gadgets in another room or setting them to “do not disturb” mode, so you are only disturbed for essential concerns.

Your ability to concentrate on the story without distractions may help you unwind. What better way to relax after a long day than with a musical or romantic comedy, sometimes known as a rom-com?


Movies may be motivating in a variety of ways. Taking a mental break to do something you like may help you prevent weariness and boost productivity when you return to work.

If the movie portrays someone successfully following their aspirations, it may motivate you to do the same. It may also drive you to start a new activity or pursue a new goal.

Improve Relationships:

If you’ve been experiencing a disconnect with someone important to you, whether it’s your love partner, closest friend, or kid, viewing movies together might be what you need to revive your connection.

It might be beneficial if you have similar tastes in movies and choose something fresh that you’re both excited to see. You’ll become closer as a group during and after the viewing experience if you talk about what you saw.

Reduce Stress:

A good comedy movie may help you relieve tension. Laughing may lower stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body.

Watch a severe film or one that will make you cry if you’re not in the mood to laugh. Besides, crying may also reduce cortisol levels in the blood.

Inspire Social And Cultural Reflection:

Watching movies that aren’t afraid to tackle serious issues may give you thoughts to consider. Whether you want to learn more about a current social topic or create a debate about an opposing viewpoint, watching movies may help educate and enlighten you.

Top 10 Life-Changing Movies To Fight Depression:

Pursuit Of Happyness:

Many people, including ourselves, have a soft spot for this Will Smith movie from 2006. It shows the real-world tribulations of Chris Gardner, whose life earnings were depleted, his wife left him, and he was forced to care for his child while homeless.

The movie portrays how a guy and a parent may overcome financial difficulties and achieve a position where the world remembers him forever. The finest inspiring movies of all time!

127 Hours:

Life is valuable, and this message has been broadcast to the whole globe for 127 hours. It is once again a real story of a mountain climber who becomes mistakenly imprisoned in a Utah canyon.

This 127-hour fight to survive and win is entirely unmissable. Congratulations to the climber, whose willpower to survive paid off. We could watch this inspiring movie as a pleasant side.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:

The movie adventure starts when a depressed kid is discharged from a mental health hospital and begins his first year of high school. Consider it one of the most motivating movies, allowing adolescent sadness to fade and happiness to return. The movie’s Tunnel music’ makes you grin as it rolls up and down like a roller coaster.

Soul Surfer:

Imagine doing something you like and being fired! How are you going to summon the courage? The real story of a little girl named Bethany is identical. She was attacked by a shark and lost her arm while surfing in the water.

But her bravery won her a world champion, and she certainly appreciates the gift of life. The movie is not only motivating but also one of the greatest for fighting depression.

Back To The Future:

This excellent uplifting movie, based on ancient American science fiction, can help you forget your tension and despair. It’s a light and breezy movie that combines adventure, passion, and science to help two people fall in love. Have you seen this adventure from 1985? Watch it right now!


Someone engaged in her inventive ideas might provide joy to others. This inspirational movie teaches you the depths of life by depicting a café waitress who is content to serve others around her. It’s an excellent movie, and we encourage exploring its simplicity.

Silver Linings Playbook:

When you’re feeling down and want to feel better, watching a movie might help. The romance comedy Silver Linings Playbook discusses mental illness and mental health.

The story revolves around Pat Solatano, a dancer who spends eight months in a mental health facility after lashing out at his partner. The movie depicts how a person’s previous suffering may lead to an uncomfortable scene in the present, bringing two individuals together.

The movie’s upbeat message will likely improve your spirits and make you feel better. It tells the tale of an incredible family, an escape attempt, and an incredible performer. Whether you’re sad or not, viewing a movie like this will give you the drive you need to battle it. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you should put it on your schedule.

The Good Place:

The Good Place is a fantasy comedy about a pharmaceutical saleswoman who dies and wakes up in a romantic paradise. Depression is a severe problem, whether it is due to a loss or trauma, toxic settings, or unreasonable negative ideas. This is one of the Life-Changing Movies that shows us that we are not alone and should seek assistance from the people closest to us.

Buddy Holly:

“Buddy Holly” is another movie that may inspire you. Although it is a humorous movie, it raises some crucial issues about mental health. The dynamics of a depressive family are shown in this movie, where some individuals lash out, worsening the problems.

The movie emphasizes the need to recognize depression and how it impacts a family and assist others in dealing with it. It may help you view the world from a fresh perspective, which can be helpful to anybody suffering from depression.


This movie about a family dealing with the death of a loved one demonstrates how a movie may alter one’s viewpoint. In this movie, the family is coming apart, yet they are not destroyed; instead, they are dealing with their pain.

Eve suffers from severe sadness and dementia, and she even tries suicide and finds up in a mental institution. The movie depicts the effect of this sad occurrence on a family and the lives of those affected.


The best Life-Changing Movies we have chosen above will shift your thinking. We feel you may always glance at them and rediscover your inner joyous spirit. Allow depression not to have an impact on your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Best Way To Cope With Depression?

Whatever the cause of your sadness, You are the first person to heal yourself. To battle like a winner, you must remain motivated through times of sorrow or adversity. If you ask us, one of the main pedals is the most motivating movie.

When Individuals Are Unhappy, Why Do They Watch Movies?

It may be a helpful prelude or companion to being able to open up in therapy or everyday life. One typical sign of depression is emotional numbness – the inability to experience any emotions, good or unpleasant. A movie may assist a person in re-open up and sharing feelings.

Is It Helpful For Your Mental Health To Watch Movies?

Movies may benefit mental health and can be more than a pleasure or interest. Watching movies has long been considered a leisure activity to be engaged in when free from life’s burdens.

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